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Despite the fact that the majority of WoW mounts have more or less the same features, there are a few that would seem to be the best among others, so obviously this is something you should draw your attention at next time you choose your character and buy World of WarCraft mounts. Even though we can not describe each epic mount in detail, we have complied a short list of best mounts. Undead is probably the best thing about mounts known as Skeletal Horses. As soon as you reach level 30 you can select its color: red, green or brown. Since level 60 you can choose between purple and green.

Trolls are certainly different. They are available only in violet, emerald and turquoise. They give the character an ability to move up to 60 percent faster. In leveling guide you will find more detailed information about this type of mount. Orc look very similar to those in Lord of the Rings. Despite other mounts, they are available in either timber, dire or brown. The only negative side they have is that they look not as impressive as you might think of them. Tauren looks like Rhino. The gamers can get the armored version of this mount only once they reach level 60, that is really not good.

Blood Elf, also known as Hawkstrider, looks like a cross between a hawk and ostrich of different colors. This mount surely lacks a little class. The newcomers to the WarCraft World can feel a bit confused and overly concerned about how to buy WoW mounts online an which ones are the best. If you think that you do not need to go to the World of WarCraft mounts store and spare your money on the mount, do not be so sure as you will not notice how fast you will reach level 30. A decision to buy WoW mounts online ahead is really a good idea. Power Level has access to international markets and resources what enables it to effectively and quickly satisfy customer’s needs. Visit Power Level service to enjoy cheap WoW mounts!

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As a professional online game services provider, Power level offers bet service, the most competitive prices and trustful deal. As we have always strived to be the best for the customer, we are constantly developing the way we operate. We guarantee that you will receive your mount no longer than in 2 month after you have paid for an order. You might be thinking about how the transfer will happen. No account sharing is required. We will transfer a character with the mount you have chosen in its bag to our main account. All you will have to do is to learn it. Power Level guarantees the 100% safe and fast delivery method and takes the full responsibility on itself. We understand how eager you want to buy World of WarCraft mounts without difficulties, that is why we make everything to make our customers delighted and satisfied. For any questions about ordering and buying things in WoW mount store, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team 24/7 via Live Chat. Do not forget to look through our clients’ reviews and please leave your own. Enjoy your shopping at Power Level online store!

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