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Game World of Warcraft

Which World Will You Open With The World Of Warcraft Gamecard?

The Long Live Of The World Warcraft Game.

It's ages already since World of Warcraft PC version came to the players. But what ages! Many gamers feel the nostalgia still when you see such phrase as "WoW CD key". However there are some offers in the Internet that can be really funny to have a deal with the WoW CD and the World of Warcraft PC game at the nowadays life.

Well, now the true battle universe is located online and all that you need for joining to the cult saga, it's a downloading and a loader. To check the game, the producers, you, you, you, First of all it can not be contacted at the appointed level, it can not be contacted by the full member. So if you want to be real part of this game.

Lets notice separately that even a subscription fee doesn’t allow to access to whole game features. Some additional modules request an extra purchase, for example, the World of Warcraft Legion. And you face two choices again: pay and play, or to wait until additional part won’t become the official release feature.

The Advantages Of The Membership.

The game works by the pay-to-play (p2p) principle. It means there is a subscription fee for 30 or more days. The WoW prepaid card is available as well. The World of Warcraft cost depends on the country of living. So what will we get as the advantages in a paid version:

  • It’s possible to develop a character above 20 level
  • The pet battles are available
  • The access to the common chat and the voice chat option
  • The trading features are opened, you can use the auctions
  • The access to some additional paid services and options
  • To create the guilds and to join existing ones

The First Steps.

So if you are about to register an account here lets choose the game server from the WoW servers list, it’s very important step because the migration requests a payment too. If you dream about battles you have to prefer the PvP server, this mode implies a human plays against another human. The personage can be attacked at any time without any warning. For more peaceful life choose PvE server, there are some rules there about a war actions so you would be informed is someone wants battle with you. And your hero would develop in the most stable conditions. You have to analyze an occupation of the world, its membership as well. Honestly, it’s a subject for a massive tutorial but in consideration of an importance of the choice, it’s worthy to visit WoW official site and the specialized forums about World of Warcraft products. It will help with a conscious selection.

Now it’s a time for choosing the class and the race of the personage from the varieties of the World of Warcraft characters. There are 13 races and 11 classes here. And one account can create few personages… All players are divided into two fractions – the Alliance and Horde, it’s an obligatory condition. Then the character can join to the clans, the consolidation and other inside-game groups for the common tasks or the defence.

Let’s Play World Of Warcraft, Folks.

Well, you are at the World of Warcraft online now. And you are bloody interested in the WoW power leveling for sure. A stronger personage means more game possibilities. So sort out things that are around you. Learn the skills and the talents of the character, choose what it’s worth to develop first of all then you can join the task. The game process will bring an experience and new features to your hero, just let him start. Don’t miss any object at your way, it can be useful and even can bring some World of Warcraft money, who knows. As at any other MMO the player’s income is very important. And if you are not ready to purchase again with an expense option “WoW buy items”, take attention to the game session, it’s possible to find everything during the play in the progress. Don’t forget to use WoW addons, it’s difficult for a novice but remember that nowadays add-ons can became part of the World of Warcraft games with next update. So you would get an advantage using it for the perspective. And collect whole WoW weapons that you’ve met even if you are at the PvE world it’s a battle universe still.

The WoW professions are very useful for increasing your personage too. The hard-working results of your activity can be sold at the World of Warcraft store area, by the way to visit there time to time is not bad idea as well. The trading is a reliable method to find a cheapest gold in the world, isn’t it? Who knows, maybe you would feel you have calling to the game commerce and we would see your name soon among the MMO gold sellers or you would spend most time at the World of Warcraft shop and you would be first who can comply with “World of Warcraft buy gold” request… Incidentally, when you are rich enough buy WoW mounts, it’s not only cool issue for the game but also a very funny stuff. Therewith it will effect to your World of Warcraft powerlevel.

Where To Buy World Of Warcraft Stuffs?

There are few ways to buy World of Warcraft. Official one is well-known and located through the official resources. As said above the World of Warcraft price is changing due to the country, the most popular payment method is a World of Warcraft 60 day’s card. There are a plenty of the dealers also and you can find very interesting WoW special offers from them including battle net prepaid items. It’s a normal commercial field like many others business so it’s very probable to meet World of Warcraft sale issue. Just be careful when following the advertisement “WoW sell” you discover the World of Warcraft cheap propositions come out too cheap, our world is real but not magic J so the miracles have to be in the reasonable borders.

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