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The Tera Online Free To Play Prehistory

The producers of the Tera game have changed their product names several times. So maybe it’s not last name for this MMORPG, we can’t be sure. Moreover every local version of the game comes out with the new name after the common part – the word Tera. The business model of the playing was a Free-To-Play for a while, but before, when the Tera PC has just transformed to the Tera online, a subscription fee was an actual issue and the owners of the Tera CD key had some payment advantages at those nice times. Now the Tera NA and the Tera EU servers offer the Freemium model. So the question about the Tera price is a bit outdated, the user can just buy some advantages for the personage for real money now. It seems the possessors of the game rights found the desired balance between the official sales and the semi-legal offers of the “cheap tera gold” by this long story of the changing. By the way the IP blocking for servers are canceled and everyone can join the Tera EU or US without any problem. Maybe the organizers are interested in the further involvement of the gamers so they accepted such populist methods.

How is the Life on Tera?

Let’s join the Tera website to see the gameplay features. The character editor gives the races and the classes as at any role-playing program variant, also you can decorate your hero. Though the personage can look as an animal, like a cute panda, for example, and it’s cool really. What else can we say? The graphic is really amazing. The landscapes are worked out until smallest details, the characters are mighty and realistic and the fight moments are very good shown too.

It was a topic long-long time ago in the Tera MMO but this subject wasn’t improved so the personage goes to explore the playing world by himself. As his missions or tasks are not connected to the common story, the main aim of the player is to increase the Tera powerlevel that would give him further advantages in the game. Like in a real life the personage has to explore the land, to gather the objects, weapon and so on… in brief – to organize its life like a normal Tera citizen. It’s good to do daily quests for improving your Tera power leveling in general and the skills and the finance particularly. If you suddenly become a bit rich in the game you can always sell Tera gold in the Tera shop, it gives not only the other goods to the character but also a reputation. When a reputation reaches an appointed number the player will open new possibilities inside the game. It’s about trust communication between the personages usually.

The Postscript

Well, as we know the Tera gold is a trading item in the game-off area as well. It’s a real method for impatient players to jump over few steps in the MMORPG Tera, it’s only needed to buy Tera gold and exchange it for the goods and other privileges without the hard working on the Tera gold farming. Sometimes it is cheaper than buying a VIP-status officially into the playing session.

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