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Game Star Wars:TOR

Exploring The Universe With The SWTOR Gamecard

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… actually three hundred years after the prequel Star Wars The Old Republic continues its cult saga and welcome the players at the SWTOR online zone. It’s worthy to mention this MMORPG is first one dubbing in full. Every character in the game has own voice and opinion of course J and it would be shared with you during the playing session. Nowadays interface is different from the Star Wars PC games era but not so much and the fans can join the online process directly without an additional tutorial.

What About The SWTOR Price?

It was long way about choosing the business model of the MMO here too. It is normal process for the products with such long and impressive history like Star Wars video games has. The official information presents the Star Wars TOR as the free-to-play product. In the fact the player has a limited access to the resources, missions and other possibilities without the subscriptions, the personage is restricted by the level of the developing as well. For the players who are not ready to become a subscriber at the moment there are payments variants with SWTOR prepaid card (it gives full unlocking for the period) or separate buying of some features. Then the player gets the “Preferred” status for a while that gives to the user a bit more access that he has in the SWTOR F2P mode. The “One time purchase” prepaid option realized with the SWTOR 60 day card. When its period would be over, the player would save some features unlocked because now he is at the Preferred status. The producers also support a region politic so SWTOR cost can be changed depending on the country. For example, the SWTOR EU players pay half again as many as the Russian subscribers. 

The Star Wars MMO Playing Process

The events of the game are poorly connected to the cult movie ones, by the idea of the developers the players come to the world in a few thousand years before the film occasions. Anyway the user would face with same planets and the races as we get used in the movie and learn more about their skills, life principles and the features. The quests and missions depend on the race that the player has chosen as well as the available SWTOR mounts. Another important feature in the playing world is a great number of the non-player characters (NPC), you can choose one as a companion and start your way. The adventure would be different with every companion, it was a great idea to increase a value of the MMO missions. At least as a result the SWTOR became a leader about a mission number inside the game among the other MMORPGs.

The SWTOR shop allows not only to buy and sell items inside the game but unlock some additional features for F2P and Preferred players.  Sure there are needed the SWTOR credits and the SWTOR gold for trading. The way you earn the money here is same like in other MMOs. Win the battle – and your personage will get something from the enemy. Don’t like the PvP mode? There are a plenty of the peaceful SWTOR credit farming ways. The personage can collect the SWTOR cartel packs that contain the objects, you can’t find other place inside the game, and sell them totally or individually. Don’t forget that with the Star Wars credits and the SWTOR cartel coins is possible to unlock many functions without paying real money, the many players are successful in this MMO only because of the SWTOR money.

Play SWTOR With Minimum Spending

Starting as F2P player is worthy to develop the personage until the maximum possible free level. You would earn some SWTOR coins for sure so explore the methods for the best income and the easy credits SWTOR, use free playing time in the most reasonable way. Then it’s time to buy the SWTOR game card of the “one time purchase” type and to be an active visitor of the Star Wars store for the reputation and benefits. As we remember the inside game currency would give to the player more possibilities also.

If the process of self-earnings makes your bored some discounts about SWTOR buy issue can be taken from the non-official resources. They offer cheap SWTOR gold and the SWTOR fast credits and as a rule keep the word because they have reputation too. Anyway a little surfing in the Internet and you would find the best place to buy SWTOR credits for sure.

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