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Game Runescape

The Second Decade of Success

This game is included to the Guinness Book of Records as most popular MMORPG in the world. It’s really stupendous fact, isn’t it? The history of the Runescape runs from the 2001! It is beyond belief. So what this rich MMORPG experience can offer to the gamers… From the beginning it was almost revolution in role games, the developers left whole functional at the browser so the users were not forced to download something, moreover the requests for the internet connection were not so high too. So the project became really popular because of its technical accessibility in comparison with other products-competitors.

The nowadays Runescape is a third edition of the legendary game. Sure, the classic RPG experience received during those years had an effect on the playing issues but the developers realized and fresh modern features. Every user can receive evidence in it joining to the free or paid part of the project. The paid one has more regions for explorer, more arms, skills and monsters, this section is opening by the Runescape membership cards. But the free version is so good for trying the game before the Runescape buy deal.

The Variety of the Gielinor’s Worlds

There are more that 150 Runescape servers over the continents. They are called worlds and the gamer can choose one during the registration. The personage after can change the world at any moment. There is no definite scenario in the MMORPG, the character just explorers the lands and improves its leveling status. So, as the old idea of the browser release totally is actual still, the user has not to download something but this feature split over in a bit primitive old-school graphic. Nevertheless it doesn’t prevent to show a lot of details of the Gielinor sights and create a great general impression.

The world divides into few cities and the regions. The personage can go on foot or using the mounts, magic issues, teleportation and even the public transport including the boats. Sure, the whole ways, excepting the “on foot” method, request the RS money but speed of the moving is worthy of this price. The Runescape shop offers many things for the transportation and other goods. Whole boosters are extremely useful for the skill development, same experience could be received from the quest implementations but it would take little more time. The user can receive the quests from the NPCs, so don’t miss the chance to earn some score or objects, at least useless stuff can transform to the Runscape items for sale and bring not bad benefit like the Runescape coins. Let’s not forget the socialized side of the game. The personage is free to communicate and trade with other characters and it’s the considerable playing process part, there are a lot of the commerce location where the players can create auction. Everything that can bring the Runescape gold is a valuable for the game, if you become too rich no problem to sell RS gold, there is a great number of such resources that offer the Runescape gold for sale.

The PvP realized there only within the special battle locations. The warrior users can choose solo and multi modes or take part in the mini-games with the combat components. The battles bring enough good XP to the gamer and the earning of some RS gold is possible too.

Is It Worthy to Visit the Runescape Gold Site?

A couple of words about the perspectives, it seems it’s a prospective project. There are the accompanying products, the most popular is the release which uses as a game item the Runescape game card. And it’s a not a secret that card sequels follow only the successful projects generally. So the cheap RS gold and the Runescape prepaid card are still actual issues in the gamers’ world because this unpretentious MMORPG will make us happy many years further. It has whole opportunities for this: experienced team, hardware base, huge playing areas, years of the practice that head for the stable work. And it’s a most important for the old gamers, isn’t it?

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