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The Lineage 2 Free Places

If you are a rebel who prefers crazy drive to the stability you should try the Lineage 2 freeshard issue. Welcome to the world of the Lineage 2 private servers. It’s a result of the MMORPG popularity when the army of the gamers is looking the playing opportunities everywhere and the market creates such possibilities. Sure, the story of private game zones started in the pay-for-play times. Then free servers were called-for ones. The fans didn’t care about the millions of the bugs or weeks-long update waiting, the playing process for free (or almost free of charge) was captured brains and souls. Even now when official position of the formal servers transformed to Truly Free the attendance of the Lineage 2 top servers that works in freeshard mode is not decreasing. And don’t be so proud of the Lineage II gratuitous servers’ owners’ charity – the free services bring money too…

Free Cheese Can Be Only At the Mousetrap

To find some variants of such projects is easy, the free Lineage website variety is in couple of clicks from you. So the gamer doesn’t need any entrance fee to join the playing area. But the game process can request a little more the Lineage 2 adena than classic formal version. Either the user has to be ready to the different kinds of the incidents and to the fact that nobody would react to his claims fast. It’s a free service, babe. Another rather annoying thing is the possible sudden closing of the free Lineage 2 servers, it’s a pretty often occasion in the L2 EU zone. It happens when the server owners don’t see an expected benefit that depends on the resource attendance.

The Advantages the Lineage 2 Free To Play Private Servers

So what makes the gamers join to the freeshard services again and again?

  • It’s rating issue uppermost. At the official servers the gamer is restricted by the nominal rates. Here the player would get in order of magnitude more possibilities. If the user is ready for the donating he would be able to try opportunities of the high Lineage 2 power leveling in very short time. Sure, it’s a kind of cheating but who cares at such resources;
  • The buff stuff acts longer and inside shop there sells many useful things cheaper than official one. The economy of the L2 gold is actual here too, even if the administrators don’t control the game balance a lot. By the way, it’s no needed to buy adena sometimes, the resources support own currency;
  • Freeshard offers a great number of the editions, chronicles and versions. The official Lineage 2 Europe servers run only with last update release so if you miss something from the old times, like the Lineage 2 Interlude or the Lineage 2 High Five, you know now where to find them.

Nothing would disturb from the playing process here and the gamer can meet very brave company of like-minded persons who are just involved with the game. It’s really good opportunity to try whole features that you would hardly reach in the L2 Euro official area. Is it worthy of some cheap Lineage 2 adena by your opinion?

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