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Game Guild Wars 2

The Worthy Member of the NCsoft Game Family

Initially the Guild Wars 2 sale was spread by the buy-to-play principle without additional fees after. The user could buy the Guild Wars 2 PC version or the Guild Wars 2 key and join to the playing world online enjoying the favorite MMORPG game without any limit. Another step for the increasing the product popularity was the changing of the business model at august 2015. Since that time everyone has joined to the playing zone free but the account would have some restricts. So the request to buy Guild Wars 2 online means to purchase the expansion pack “Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns“ now that would remove your fee account limits. The developers added to the game some features from the cyber sport also that drew into the Guild Wars 2 world more new fans.

Let’s mention about the place for the Guild Wars 2 buy issue. The official site price is a bit higher than the dealers’ offers but the official way gives the bonuses usually, read the advertisements carefully and you would be hip to if the cheap Guild Wars 2 offer is better than one with the gifts inside.

The Basic Differences of the Free and Paid Accounts

Everyone chooses for himself if it’s worthy to pay Guild Wars 2 price for the Heart of Thorns account possibilities. We just prepared the small table with the certain features for compare…


Free account

Heart of Thorns account

The personage’s cells


5 and more

The bag’s cells



The Revenant profession



The Mastering



The Game Post

Only for approved friends, no the gold and objects sending

No limits

The Access to the Guild’s bank



The Maps of The Main Game

Only start maps till 10 level

No limits


Unlock when the personage reaches 60 level


The entrance bonus



The currency exchange

No the gold to gem exchange

No limits

The Trading Post

The personage can have deal only with restricted list of the goods

No limits

The posting on the Forum



The Most Important Things for the GW2 Power Leveling

The success can be reached in this MMO as playing solo as joining to the group. Both ways are definitely good and real. All efforts of the players are directed to the GW2 gold farming usually. The money is always money, whatever you do – to live the real world or play the MMORPG. So the gamer has a plenty of the methods to earn the GW2 gold in the playing session: the collection of the resources or the taking part of the guild war operation, the speculation in the Guild Wars 2 shop and the auctions or the rare materials’ farming. The good income ensures by the Guild Wars 2 ectoplasm that the personage could take by the disassembling of the rare (yellow) or exotic objects. The reason for the Guild Wars ectos value is in the fact that the Guild Wars 2 Glob of ectoplasm is needed for the Ascended creating. So the uncommon things request the high price for sure. If your character are still with the low Guild Wars 2 powerlevel an can’t work with the ectoplasm then you can have deal with the GW2 gems at the Guild Wars 2 gem store. The give a stable income that is most important for a novice. A little more experience and your time of the GW2 fast leveling will come.

The Game Life Out of the Servers

As any popular product this MMORPG has taken attention of the game-product dealers since the Guild Wars 2 release date. Many offers are about the Guild Wars 2 power leveling service but it can be a dangerous deal because the gamer risks to be blocked. It’s better to use the normal dealer’s propositions and be calm about your GW2 account. Other popular lots in the internet are the Guild Wars 2 gem card and the Guild Wars 2 purchase items. Like in real life it’s worthy to check the Guild Wars 2 cheap offers because the non-licensed products can hurt you game activity.

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