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The Old-School MMORPG

The spoilt player can pass up the Tibia game with contemptuous face. Can you imagine the 2D MMORPG nowadays? But it exists! And it’s still a good working project, the Tibia server list is additional proof of the success product life. The developers didn’t attend too much to the graphic options and effects, instead of this they developed the subject line of the playing process and worked on the project optimization as a mobile application. As a result the users got the simple tastes product which can work even with 2G connection same time it’s a full-function MMORPG universe with PvE and PvP, trading and communication, heroes and monsters, magic and quests. So feel free to open your mobile, by the way you can find the suitable Tibia server from any phone platform, and find Tibia game there for free.

The Possibilities of the Plane World

The registration process isn’t so difficult and even offers some options for the personage appearance, same time the player has to choose one of four available classes. Then the character goes to the Rookgaard island, it’s a training area and the novice has to reach 10th level here. If till this time he took decision about the vocation the player can leave the island and never come back again. The world of Tibia is huge and various, the player can explore dozens of locations.

Let’s mention the very strong social part of the product. The users are forced to communicate to each other permanently. The enquiry is in the fact that there is no in-game items sale in the Tibia shop even if you have a plenty of Tibia gold. The needed stuff the player can buy from other players or win after the fighting against the monster and the quest implementation. You can ask - why do we need the Tibia money then? Hey, for buying the premium account, of course. It’s a valuable because you hardly can quit the game after beginning. So be ready to spend some Tibia cash, at least to donate so brave and sweet project idea. Ohh, one more expense item can appear – every hero can buy a house. This time he has to be controlled by the premium player to the point. The home is important for the rest and safety, only users from the guest list can enter there and your personage can improve his health and other skills in calm conditions. So maybe you would need to buy Tibia gold online even for completing whole necessities of the hero. Now, don’t ignore cheap Tibia gold propositions in the game, it can be really useful and it’s guaranteed in contrast to the “Tibia gold for sale” announcements at the doubtful resources.

The Choice of a True Connoisseur

In conclusion let’s notice one more time that on the score of specific graphic the Tibia online services are not so overloaded but the users contingent is very friendly and advanced… because those people play not for colorful effects but for the game. So if you are ready to be a part of real MMORPG and maybe even to buy Tibia gold for the premium membership the Tibia would be perfect choice without any hardware request. 

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