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Game Echo of Soul

Saving The World From The Giants

Even the wide MMORPG market can’t hide such a pearl of the genre as the Echo of Soul game is. Just let it allow and the game will carry you along far away. The storyline about the Gods and the Giants who fight against each other tells us about last danger that came in to the magic world. The Shadow soul from the Giant’s side spilled over the lands and ever living thing can die soon. The fairytale world with the anime face waits for the Soulkeeper who will rescue and defence.

So what can we find inside the game? First of all it’s a classic game engine so it doesn’t bring to the experienced games many surprises. Another impressive thing is the graphic and the soundtracks that show where this program had came from. Both of them are pretty good and cool. The game long time was placed only at the Korean servers, now the Echo of Soul NA and the Echo of Soul EU are available.  The MMO runs by the free-to-pay principle but nobody canceled yet a possibility to buy Echo of Soul gold online or other game’s objects. To join the project the gamer has to pass easy registration at the official website, then it will be offered to download the game loader that would direct you to needed server, for example, the Echo of Soul US.

Fight as Anime

So the personage started the world saving at the Echo of Soul online. All users note a very pleased process of the character creating that forestalled by the cartoon of the story. It’s cool decorated and there are a big choice of the female personages. And what did you wait from the anime style issue? The character can evolve to the high-level class personage with time. The class depends on the origin character race. Then the hero sets off to its heroic mission, sure, before the gamer has to watch a motivational anime video J

The personage can get the first mount very soon, moreover it can be a gift. The mounts look great here too, as it was mentioned before the graphic is good so all creatures look cool and funny. The PvE content of the EoS MMORPG includes the quests and the dungeon. The developers affirm about 2000 pieces of the different tasks within the playing zone. The special feature of the game world is the Infinity Dungeon that is casual generated. At least it brings the unexpected moments in the standard playing.

The Echo of Soul MMO doesn’t contain the inside market in full at the moment. Though the EoS gold is enough valuable thing during the playing session. The leveling is going on by the Soul system where the personage can collect the Chaos souls from the enemies. The souls would give bonuses to the character for a while after activating. The PvP part is available as well. It supports both the solo and the campaign mode.

The Verdict

In spite of a plenty of the standard features the game would win the own range of the fans without fail. It’s a product of a good quality even if experienced player can feel some bored. Maybe the fact that you don’t need to purchase the EoS buy issue would prevail your decision about this one.

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