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Game Elder Scrolls Online

The Time-Proved Series

 The story of the Elder Scrolls games’ saga started at the 1992 with first video release ”The Elder Scrolls: Arena” that took some role-play component but actually was based on the fighting prototype. It was DOS-game and its slogan: “Be whom you wish, go where you wish” became a basic principal that laid into the other parts of the series. The saga continued till 2014 then the time of The Elder Scrolls online came. There is opinion that the online version is worse than the previous PC ones. But it’s not true. The Elder Scrolls online PC edition is a cool MMORPG with The Elder Scrolls subject inside. The project doesn’t stop on this release, now the next one is in the progress – The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

The Business Model

Since The Elder Scrolls online release date PC edition the publishers have changed the business model once. It was standard pay-to-pay mode before and the players obliged to do The Elder Scrolls online purchase monthly (The Elder Scrolls online price was a 15$ per month), now full access gives The Elder Scrolls online CD key you pay once for and the gamer can play as long as he wants. All subscriptions at the day of the transition were improved till the Tamriel Unlimited state so the old players got some advantages then. Anyway it’s still working the premium program ESO plus and the user can buy some additional optional items in the Crown Store ESO shop. And The Elder Scrolls online gamecard is being on sell, it adds some inside game money to the account and gives 10% faster character developing during the prepaid period, that is shown on the card, for instance, The Elder Scrolls online 60 day.

Exploring the Game

So it’s a MMORPG. And any newcomer would start from the personage creating. The customizing level is a pretty high here so the gamer can express all his wishes in the hero’s appearance. There are 3 alliances in the ESO online, 9 races (or 10 if you have bought the Imperial edition XBOX one, also then you will own a horse from the beginning). Every character’s class can use a magic and every kind of the weapons. If you have any problems with game’s features there is a well thought out tutorial.

The inside currency is The Elder Scrolls online crowns here. The player can use it in The Elder Scrolls online shop and if he joins to one of the guilds then at the guild’s back or auction’s areas. There are no public auctions in the playing zone, the access is granted only to the guild members. It’s a clever move directed to the decreasing speculations about The Elder Scrolls online gold selling and the supporting the finance balance inside the game. Of course, it haven’t solved the problem in full, it’s still possible to buy ESO gold or to see other The Elder Scrolls online sale as well as The Elder Scrolls online buy propositions but it’s really effective method for sure.

When the personage sets out to the way it becomes clear how laconic interface is. It’s a good feature for playing process because nothing unnecessary disturbs. Anyway the gamer can adjust the things by the own comfort. Starting the game we realized that the personage has to look for the quests and the adventures by himself. If you remember the main slogan above – “go where you wish”, what’s why we can’t find a strong line of the playing process here. The experienced users advice to get a horse as soon as possible. Even if you don’t use a mount so much due to the hero has always to get to the ground to pick up something, the horse can be very useful so the sooner you get it so the better would be its developing.

The Elder Scrolls Online Cheap or Not

The Elder Scrolls cost is so relative concept. As it said above now no subscription issue so the gamer is free from The Elder Scrolls online payment every month but if you wonder where to buy Elder Scrolls online access it’s worthy to start research from the official website. Then other dealers’ offer comparison would allow to find Elder Scrolls online best price. Same with the ESO prepaid cards.

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