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Game Hearthstone

The Perfect Game for Everyone

The Hearthstone online is collectible unobtrusive card game that was created by the World of Warcraft motifs. The fashion for such types of the post-game releases started last few years and this one is one of the best products definitely, it attracts with simple rules and intuitively understandable interface. So the Hearthstone EU came to us just 2 years ago. In spite of the short time the project won as furious success as a great number of the fans. The product supports cross-platform features and available on the Windows (the Hearthstone PC), Android and iOS systems. Due to card idea the program doesn’t have high hardware claims. The game runs as the Hearthstone free to play but as we know for the high ratings the gamer has to donate process anyway through the inside game shop, the Hearthstone prices there is average for the such type of the programs.

Welcome to the Table

But let’s come in. Every player gets the hero of the one class after registration in the Hearthstone game. The game contains the 9 classes totally. Whole hero classes will be accessible with the experience. And all of them are familiar to the users from the World of Warcraft world. Every class has own specific features and unique useful skills. The personage can reach maximum 60th level within every class. Though the game is card one, the players use the card packs.  The pack is forming by the user before entering the set, same time he chooses the hero who would play the set. It’s important step because every class of the personage has own unique cards too and maybe those cards can bring the victory to the player now.

The Hearthstone card pack divides into the basic one, that the user gets starting the game or reaching the next level, and the additional one, that comes from the boosters’ sets. The booster can be bought by the purchasing through the Hearthstone account or for the game currency. Only the problem - the booster contains casual cards and to receive the needed additional card is a chance issue. To get some gold the user can by the donating for sure or earning during the playing process. The most trustable ways are listed below:

  • To do daily tasks (only one by day);
  • To get gold for every 3 wins;
  • Special prizes for 100 or 1000 wins;
  • 100 gold is coming to user’s account when whole basic cards are opened;
  • Take high rating position in the end of the season;
  • To join and win the Arena battles.

The crafting option is available in the game as well. It’s very useful feature because it allows the creating the rare specific cards. This process requests the arcane dust which the gamer can receive from the unwanted specific cards in his pack. In the playing mode where the gamer fights with other people the system would choose opponents by the rating, experience level and… the accessible cards. The most difficult battles would bring better scores and maybe nice prizes. So the Hearthstone strategy is not the last by the meaning issue in this product.

Also the Arena mode is available but it’s not just a simple game part.  The user has to pay for the entering. The Arena is provided by own rules. Particularly the user can’t form own pack for Arena’s set by himself, the system would give the cards to play. The battle will continue till 3 defeats or 12 victories, the mode is chosen by the players. Not worthy to mention even that the winning at the Arena would bring the gamer good rating position and very pleased bonuses for the Hearthstone leveling.

Enjoy the Well-Done Project

In the conclusion we just can say that no negative reviews about the Hearthstone card game in the internet. It’s really durable product from the experienced producer with the well-thought idea inside. A bit cartoon style graphic would make your mood better, the card battle effects would make you surprise. Also every card has a quality soundtrack. Awaiting the opponent move the gamer can joy the interactive tables... yes! Every table detail is clickable and interactive, it doesn’t bring anything to the player but entertains. So no doubts if you muse over the Hearthstone buy issue.

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