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When Urban Legends Become Truth at The Secret World

Once upon a time, maybe nowadays… in the world which is alike our one…  The Scandinavian firm-developer Funcom offered something new as setting for MMORPG inviting the gamers to the mix of the up-to-date urban life and the hidden ancient knowledge that goes arm in arm with daily routine. The Secret World game combines the myth magic world with the modern city fuss opening to the gamers a range of conspiracies in the world domination war. To join the MMORPG the user has to buy The Secret World key, the obligatory subscription was canceled in 2012 but there is no surprise that The Secret World price is not totally free because it’s impossible to successfully play without purchasing in the in-game shop for something useful in the game process. So if you buy The Secret World access already and download The Secret World PC client we can start the personal chronicle.

The World Full of Riddles

The action takes place in New York, London and Seoul.  The world divided into three camps:

  • The Templars. They are far from religion and get forces from the faith same time. They fight against evil without even a shadow of compromise. It could be most right fraction in TSW but they are too fanatic. The Templars base placed in London;
  • The Illuminati. The erudite community which acts from New York. The perpetual opponent of the Templars order that doesn’t disdain blackmailing or treachery. The members of the Illuminati are very ambitious people;
  • The Dragon. This little-studied community settled down at Seoul. They love to play off with the Templars and Illuminati using their old enmity issue.

The Secret World MMO starts from the invitation for the newly arrived novice, from the first steps the gamer falls down into the vortex. The start quest is same for all fractions but the training location depends on the fraction choice. To create the personage it’s enough to choose nickname, some features of appearance and the clothing. The suit is not so important in The Secret World video game, the combat might of character is formed by the amulets and charms later. That’s all, no classes or levels, whole abilities contain in the arms and the charms which the player would receive during the game or after visiting The Secret World shop. It’s possible to save about five hundreds stuff pieces and it’s great because long playing would deliver a lot of things, some of them will be The Secret World cheap items, of course, but who knows when they will be useful for the personage. And only unpleasant moment - the hero can take to the mission only 14. Same time the user can change the set of ability-in-use by his wish any time and no limits in the combination.

The quest period starts for the player at once after leaving the training location area. The riddles are everywhere. The tasks can be simple ones or the real investigation which would demand a lot of your brain resources. By the way TSW online is full of flashbacks to previous Funcom projects, you can see it in certain room decorations or name of streets. The genre fans won’t be disappointed for sure. Every NPC has own history and would tell you it with pleasure, the worked out in detail world won’t allow you to stay indifferent.

Everything Has a Price

So we saw that MMORPG The Secret World is deserved original product, the only serious disadvantage – The Secret World cost is a bit expensive even after canceling of the subscription fee. Well, everything has own price, why Funcome Secret World has to be an exception then? Maybe a great number of the non-trivial quests smoothes the bitterness of extra spending and maybe you’ll drop in The Secret World store even because the gameplay swallows up really and no chances to escape from this urban legend. At least, there's possible to catch The Secret World sale proposition at dealers websites then the joining to The Secret World server would be not so spendthrift issue. Enjoy the quality product from the Norwegian developer.

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