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The New Word in the TPS

The new cross-platform shooter with MMO elements The Division game came out this year and became a really breakthrough in the TPS field. From the first trailers the project was very awaiting occasion, the developers shown the unbelievable graphic of the game engine at the expo stands and promotion teasers. The reality after The Division release date was a bit different and some exciting gamers felt disappointed their selves. What was the reason? The release wasn’t so perfect as the announcements were. The puddles reflected the Manhattan buildings not so realistic, the suspicious homeless hobos were reacting to the armed personages in a strange way, the aggressive weird men with guns didn’t want to die even after few shots in the head… Dudes, where did you see the ideal start of so large-scaled product? Let’s be honest, the graphic is awesome, if you shot the car window it crashes from the shot place, other object reactions are very realistic mostly. The rest will be corrected with time, just if you see a bug send it to the support via The Division site.

It’s Not Just a Shooter, Bro

If we have deal with the RPG it means we have a deal with numbers. So it’s not enough to be the fastest cowboy, the gamer has to count both points of the enemy losses and own health and take into account a lot of other factors. But let’s go one after another… the subject brings the gamer into Manhattan in the near future. The Black Friday frustrated habitual world to the catastrophe and the heroes wanted. And we will give such hero to the humanity.  The personage editor in the Division game contains a plenty of face variants, then the user can choose skin tone, color and style of hair and eyes, tattoo, scares and warprints.  The character appears at the central base, this point is very important and we will back here time to time. Then the hero goes out to face post- apocalyptic but so beautiful New York. It’s time to look for the sanctuaries, there the personage can get tasks from NPC. Every quest brings some resources that allow updating the central base or can be exchanged in The Division shop.

There are the bigger tasks which are given by the NPC on the streets. Every district has such a boss that can direct our hero to the next quest. The simple exploring of the game world can bring separate benefit but won’t head for fast The Division powerlevel improving. The personage can also take part in the big missions, the RPG component allows to pass it with the partners that system will choose according to the hero level and skills. The maximal strength of the group is 4 persons now. So the heroic way is open, you have just to pass it.

Of course, this road would be impossible without good weapon, The Division gear-sets would solve this problem. Where can it be received excepting from The Division shop? First of all the incursions are such place then the user can handle the loot table from The Division MMO website. Another way to become an owner of high-end arms is to have The Division phoenix credits. As you could understand it’s an in-game currency that allows to buy rare high-class weapon and to get other advantages. Only mention – those in-game money would be accessible for earning from the last 30th level. Then also will be available whole subject trials and the most serious PvP that would happen if you meet other team of the gamers with same level as your crew has. The Dark zone would seem children playground then.

The Editions and the Perspectives

The Division couldn’t be the free to play project initially, uppermost it runs for Playstation too. There are few box editions are available to the gamers:

  • The Golden Edition. It includes the game box, the exclusive extension National Guard and the season subscription;
  • Sleeper Agent Edition besides the game box contains an exact replica of the agent watches, special agent’s bag, poster, exclusive extension Hazmat Gear Set, the unique season pack;
  • The Exclusive Edition includes the game release, unique collection box, poster and 4 equipment sets.

The Division buy offers start from approximately 60 USD, it depends on the edition and dealer. So be careful if you think about The Division cheap proposition, don’t become a scammer’s victim.

The first impression says that it’s a simple game but it’s wrong. From the first stages the clever gamer start to use a plenty of small details of the playing area that make the game more interesting and realistic. The Ubisoft Massive thoroughly observes the forum and community news so all claims will be noticed by the developer. 

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