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The Captains Long to the Space

It’s not an infrequent case when the famous movie becomes a base for the computer game. So the Star Trek MMO idea was born in such trivial way from the cult series of the same name. To get such kind of license is a great luck and a big responsibility same time: the popular name would involve the army of fans but if an introduction isn’t the exact copy of beloved space saga it could be a catastrophe for the publisher. The project of Star trek games seems successful one otherwise no reason to translate release to few other languages. The business pattern is free to play, every joined to MMORPG user gets the silver account, the golden account implies monthly fee so it’s just a masked subscription mode. Is the Star trek online buy worthy of spending? Absolutely, if you love Sci-Fi stuff. There are no so much offers of this genre in the market so this choice would be pretty good for the chance to explore galaxies and new universe.

The Space Show Starts

The character editor would make happy even a severe user. A great number of options opens a wide scope for the fantasy implementation. It’s possible to create such an essence that Jabba the Hatt would appear like sweetie. There are lot possibilities for human personages too, the gamer can start to play STO with the hero that is his exact duplicate, for example. When the personage is ready, he starts as usual officer who was sent to the Vega colony with rescue mission.  The successful mission completion will bring us the captain rank and the saga will start.

The captain sign would bring also a list of the combat tasks, the carrying out of the quests helps to explore the universe, learning the accessible technologies and improving the Star trek online powerlevel. Every next stage brings the spaceship update and opens new skills for the crew. The action takes place generally in the open space, there is no special confidence in the realistic cosmos realization but it looks really cool. The spaceship crew receives some goods during the missions, the items can be sold through the Star trek online store or by visiting NPC called vendors. The game supports few kind of the currency, the Start trek online credits (or energy credits) is main one that allow hiring personal, buying stuff for the ship, making trade in the Star trek shop and with NPC-vendors. Also there is ZEN that can be bought by the real money purchasing online or for special substance Dilithium which is possible to get during the game. The separate thing in the finance part of this MMORPG is the Star trek online master keys for the Locked Boxes. Such boxes contain nice stuff usually but to open it the gamer has to pay with ZEN for the key or to try luck at the Exchange Start trek store, maybe someone would open the Star trek key sale for the STO EC.

The gameplay includes both space and ground missions, most of them are lasting a quite long time but the progress is saving so the player can back to the task every moment. The PvP component is still developing, of course, there are a lot of battles here as obligatory ones as optional ones but the winner gets only the experience and the medals now. If the victory over the enemy ship brings some STO gold it could be more pleased process. So the battles is not the best way for the STO EC farming at the moment, let’s hope that new instrument – the Genesis system that allows to create new maps, would bring more freedom about the Star trek online power leveling and new areas would give more Star trek gold earning possibilities without gold sellers service.  The crafting system is on the development too.

Inside The Saga Reality

However it’s a great chance to take part in the legendary events, to see the familiar locations of other galaxies, to meet and communicate to the movie personages. The detailed information is given at the Star trek website. Let’s hope for the project development and its long life like prototype’s one. Open the universe with the Star trek online.

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