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Game Silkroad-R

The Same Road with Renewed Features

The SilkroadR, where “R” means Rebirth, is the direct heir of the popular MMORPG Silkroad. Why did the publishers decide to make the separate release instead of an extension… it seems we will never learn. At the official Joymax’s statement is said that it would be unique Silkroad R server with accounts and special features, the gameplay includes almost same content but with updated experience traits, skill balance and so on. It’s also mentioned the renewed cash shop would sell intensified items that were developed for the R-version especially.

The Changes Which Have Influenced To the Game Process

The previous Silkroad had one very unpleasant feature – the bots dominance. Nobody knows where from those bots were sent. Some people thought it was publisher’s doing because a great number of the bots didn’t allow connecting to playing servers for free so the fans were forced to buy premium accounts. Other told it was a result of the weak project defence system. It seems the second reason is near the mark because one of the serious revisions in the SROR applied to the type of objects which the gamer can receive after the victory over a mob right up to the 70th level. The list of such prizes was shortened till the activated runes, tokens, alchemy stuffs and elixirs. No Silkroad R gold, weapons or armors – so the bots didn’t get chance to take something that can destroy the game balance from without, therefore the beginning levels were clean from bots. Other distinctive amendments are below:

  • Persia direction is available now;
  • The quest system was changed through the task like “kill a thousand elemental” is still actual one;
  • The capacity of skill points was increased;
  • For the Asian race Ice, Fire and Flash skills were united so the improving of Fire head for improving  of Ice and Flash too;
  • All players receive free SoS quality equipment after reaching appointed levels, this promotion acts right up to the 70th level and if it’s so it seems no need to deal with the Silkroad-R buy gold issue from the start;
  • The horses, SoM and SoSun quality equipment, recurrence scrolls are available on the sale for tokens at the vendors.

Moreover the gamers would face with improved graphic provided with FutureVi engine. The developers promise real time effects like dynamic shadows, atmospheric agents and whole features that make us closer to the reality. So the MMORPG from Joymax gives the heroes the second chance to pass the Great Silk Road with a couple of magic and a realistic portion of commerce.

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