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Game Silkroad Online

On the Way from China to Constantinople

The uniqueness of Silkroad game is in the subject which underlay of the storyline. The historical subject with commerce notes advantageous stands out against other futuristic MMORPGs. So the developer – South Korean firm Joymax chosen right way to the gamer hearts: interesting basic idea setting, stylized environment, three-sided conflict (for SRO Europe – the Triangular Conflict System) and pleased thrilling atmosphere, as a result – the SRO MMO became the deserving rival in the market. As it said the general idea is a road development, the Silkroad characters have to pass the historical way overcoming the various obstacles. Of course, the heroes would face with the thieves, robbers and unusual creatures… sure, the real base doesn’t mean we don’t have a magic in the playing world. The Silkroad MMO route developed gradually, it was only China from the beginning then the European area with Constantinople was added, after the gamers got access to Central Asia with Samarkand and few fairy-tale lands. The developers promise India in the closest future and something interesting in addition.

Accompanying the Caravan

It’s a time to create own heroes. The character can belong to the European or the Asian race. It’s only the considerable feature, other ones would have only outward traits. If you prefer the eastern representative it’s necessary to choose the arm, for the western hero the Silk Road MMORPG would offer choice of classes. Further might of the personage will depend on the development method the gamer preferred: the physic power or the intellect. The experts recommended concentrating to the only priority stat then the user can reach maximum effectiveness at the leveling.

So the player has to deliver the cargo to the destination point safely along Silkroad server world. It’s not a trivial task because there are so many eager personages for the values in the caravan at the roads. Thereby it will be many chances to use the game combat system during the way. The battles are very spectacular here but in spite of this MMO fans note a bit boring gameplay till the 20th level. Then the gamer can choose one of three jobs: hunter, thief or trader and the playing process becomes livelier. Nobody disdains the robbery or the trading on the Silk road, those history facts are incarnated here too. If your personage got something from other travelers, no matter in honest or not so honest way, you can sell it in the next city or continue war to the far market because price can be higher there. The commerce component is very important for the character’s development when you play Silkroad online. With the wise management of received goods it’s no need to buy Silkroad online gold. Sure, it’s obligatory to learn specific features of the cities for the successful trading then you would sell and change the game objects with highest possible benefit.

Be Part of the Uncommon Playing World

So if you are an exacting gamer, which is tired from the stereotyped graphics in other MMORPGs, join to the Silkroad online website, it would surprise you with monsters appearances for sure. The choice of the Silkroad servers must not confuse, the servers are equal usually, it’s better to prefer ones with “NEW” mark. It would give some guarantee that the world is not so crowded there and the novice would have more chances for the normal development. The game is free but like everywhere the players can use paid Silkroad services for buying the premium accounts or additional stuff. Same sections sell gold online for the impatient users who can’t wait own earnings from the caravan journey.

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