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Game Rift

The Telara Chronicles in the RIFT MMO

The RIFT PC came to the users in right time for offering a modern view on the familiar online MMORPG games. Whole classic ways are represented there: the quest, dungeon, raid and the global event. The story of the Telara adventures started as paid service and the gamers were preoccupied with the cheap cd keys and prepaid game cards. The situation partially changed in 2013 when the part of the servers was transferred for free to play mode nevertheless the Ultimate RIFT Edition still requests the RIFT CD key. The publishers of the paid servers took one more important decision as well: no sale for the real money in the RIFT store, whole objects are selling for the game currency. It’s all inclusive to the subscription, mate. So start to accumulate the cheap RIFT plat for the shopping J

After The Old Gods Times

The line story of the RIFT game based on the 2 global fractions’ confrontation. The Guardians, who believe in old Gods, consider that they have to rescue Telara. They wait for the Great inquest and till this time will do the best for this world protection. Their opponents – the Defiants are going to defeat the enemies according to own experience and developing level. They don’t believe in Gods and don’t trust them because Gods left the Telara in difficult times once. So the Defiants rely upon own possibilities and don’t wait help from the supreme powerfulness. Both fractions have same aim but they act by different ways and sometimes fight against each other. So the gamer can join any fraction and choose one of the 6 races. The leveling of the player are not limited with the race borders, the personage develops in the desired direction.

The game world is full with the infernal rifts that allow coming hellish creatures to the playing reality. There are 6 types of the rifts and nobody knows when and where next rift will be activated and what the monsters will come. The rift is a door for the different monsters, while the mobs are annihilated the energy of the rift becomes weaker and eventually the rift closes leaving the valuable reward to the heroes. The rifts divide by the complicacy and directions: they can be craft type, PvE or PvP. PvE rifts divide in turn into usual, huge, expert and raid ones.

Generally the RIFT online is a PvE issue paradise. For those style fans would find a lot of interesting here for sure. The PvE developing opportunities are wide and various, the player undoubtedly would find how to spend the RIFT gold and many exciting ways to continue the playing. The PvP features are limited bit. So the warrior can show himself in the rift raids or events and special battle grounds. But the experts say that even with the restricted borders it’s possible to realize whole battle desires. After the 15 level even no need to leave the city because of looking for the quests or dungeons, they would find you independently. Moreover there is the system of the momentary adventures when the special option allows to the user the immediate moving straight to the hot point of the map.

After the reaching the maximum level: it can be 50 or 60th, it depends on the release, the personage continues the developing by the tree of the skills and receives the possibility to buy the uncommon equipment from the quartermasters and new items would be available in the RIFT shop. So it’s a new reason for buy RIFT platinum or for earn it.

The Telara Epopee Perspectives

The project is stable in its developing, the extensions are delivering regularly and to buy RIFT subscription or the RIFT gamecard is a safe idea, those servers won’t disappeared. The developers continue making the players happy with new broadened events, renewed dungeons and other updates of the game world. Even if it’s forbidden it’s possible to buy RIFT plat from the foreign resources, it seems it’s a right sign of the successful project if the non-official dealers are so interested in it. You won’t be sorry opening Telara with the RIFT key absolutely.

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