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Game NBA 2K17 MT

Welcome to Your Own NBA Season

One year passed away and all fans of the virtual basketball put on their favorite uniform for dinting in the National Basketball Association’s history line. The developers of the NBA 2k15 tried hard for not to make the gamers disappointed. Yes, the release is very similar with the previous version but the list of updating is not small too, at least it was enough for changing the release number.

  • The moving of the basketball players became more realistic. It gives the total control feeling;
  • The game’s physics is improved that affected to the animation quality. It’s amazing;
  • The ball possession became more intuitive owing to the starting the work with the new technological platform;
  • The using of the high-level players became more trustable;
  • The intelligence of the basketball players is improved;
  • The Career mode includes the face scan option now. Feel free to create the personage with the own face;
  • The "MyPark" mode added to the game so the player can try himself in the basketball city with the other players. You can choose from those three playgrounds;
  • The decorations were remade, for example the teams captions.

Moreover the NBA 2k15 motivates to clear place for the throw, and the basketball defence when you play against star players became difficult too. You bet! They are cleverer now. Sometime it’s difficult to tell the NBA2k15 game from the real broadcast.

The Earning and the Spending Issues

The development of the basketball player is changed a bit too. Now you can spend the NBA 2k15 mt points for the certain personages attributes improving. The time-limited improving is also available. It would give abilities to the player only for few matches but costs less than usual development.

The NBA 2k15 mt buy issues are increased. The player can use points not only for the accessories, animations or skills but also for the daily clothing as well. Just remember that to earn the NBA 2k15 mt points is not that easy in the new release so the spending has to be reasonable.

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