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Great Experience of One MMO Project

The EverQuest 2 online is one of the first pioneers in the MMORPG genre which was realized in the full complication from the start. More than 10 years ago the developers already offered to EQ2 players even such innovation thing like a customizable interface. Since that time there were a lot useful updates: preview possibility before buying an item in the EQ store, alternative appearance option for the personage and so on. The publisher haven’t changed the pay-to-play business model long time in spite of rivals actions but this method helped to save the EQ2 conception and didn’t allow to bring to the gameplay changes typical for MMORPG with free servers. When the transformation to free-to-play happened at last, the market knew already how to restrict bots and gold sellers influence so the product saved itself for fans.

The Norrath Calls For Hero

Even of the EverQuest 2 free to play version has a lot of limits for gamers, it is a good variant to try the game possibilities and exploring the Norrath world before premium account buying. The creation of personage goes in standard way, the traits start when the user comes to EQ2 store for dressing the character. The character clothing has few layers here, you can dress the hero with mighty items but not so good looking and choose nice and usual stuff as external layer for appearance. Then it could be a great surprise to enemies when they realized that the thin cloak has a great defence points.

Of course, the personage needs some in-game money to equip itself, there are few types of currency here – the EverQuest platinum and EQ2 gold, silver, some buying requests the experience points in addition. So just to buy EQ2 plat maybe wouldn’t solve a deal about desired item. How to earn them? Sure, the crafting and the trading. Though it’s better not ignore the NPC with the feather over its head that means there is a quest for you. Every task would bring something into your pocket that can be changed for useful stuff.

The trading goes through special NPC – the broker. The player can leave him crafted or taken as reward items and after a while to get cash if the broker would connect your lot to desire of other gamer. It’s a really cheap gold because the trading prices usually better than traditional trading issue in the in-game shop. The good way of spending the EQ2 plat is buying of house or flat. It’s an expensive deal, moreover the hero has to pay rent after but the home is best method for rest and improve part of skills. The personage can hire or buy servants who will help in routine, for example, special servant can read the books instead of the character so the studying won’t take too much time. With time the personage can open own shop in the own house but for this he has to be a member of guild and pay taxes time to time. So there is no chance to avoid this even in the fantasy universe, the economic laws act everywhere J The EverQuest platinum for sale is possible to find at the banker workshop. Whole currency exchange service is available there like in real bank, the personage can sell EverQuest platinum here too… as we remember in some places we need other types of in-game money.

Nowadays EverQuest 2

What is more? Pets, mounts including the dragons, season events from the developers where the gamer can find items that are inaccessible other times. The project develops and prospers. It was interesting news from the publisher that there is a plan to open separate server among the traditional Everquest servers for… punishment. Whole accounts of owners who have had problems with MMO management about game rules maintenance will be moved there. This server “Drunder” won’t allow access to the technical support. It’s a quite original way, isn’t it? The only way to come back into “normal” game society is the registering of new account. However, it’s a valuable reason to think one more time before buy gold online from foreign resources not certified by publisher.

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