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Game Elite Lord of Alliance

The ELOA Anime Attack

The second half-year of the 2015 was very quiet about new Action RPG so the Elite Lord of Alliance beta-test for the Europe starting brought to the bored gamers a real gladness even if it was closed one. Just for the EU area the project is running with the “Inspirit online” name. Before, the game was available only in the Korean edition.

Yes, it’s a kind of the Diablo that was decorated in the anime style. But it’s a well done action and it doesn’t matter it has some national features, the real connoisseurs would value the effort of the developers.

New Ideas for The Time-Proved Game Style

If you study the ELOA MMORPG more intent you would see it’s not just a clone of the cult game. There are a plenty of the improvements here that give a feeling of the new product. It starts from the camera view possibilities. As standard we see the game zone from the top but the player can change field of view. The personages can be chosen from the 3 races, every race divides into 4 classes. The special feature is consisted in a great number of the accessible skills. They depend not only on the race or the class of the character here. Every weapon set the own skills sets that the gamer can change during the battle. And it’s awesome, the fight fans would understand.

The interface like in any Korean game is bit overfed with the service information. The screen is full of the pop-up numbers which show state of the character, amount of the ELOA gold, skills powers and so on. Another feature of the ELOA online is a hard grind style. The grinding is the normal phenomenon for the Action RPG but it’s really effusive here. You can be convinced of it at the 12v12 PvP arena. Maybe the developers had a special reason for being cruel, who knows. The dynamics of the MMORPG is pretty good, otherwise it would be difficult to play. And one more very well turned step is the pet’s conception in the ELOA game. The players can evolve with the pet in time. It’s very very good idea and it’s strange that nobody realized it before.

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