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The Cruel Fantasy Continent

The Continent of the Ninth Seal aka C9 is an interesting representative of fantasy universe with wonderful graphic and hardcore PvP component. When the new free-to-play C9 MMO was announced by Korean company Webzen, nobody waited something special. The genre game market was full already with the playing areas where the user could spend hours and days during completing the mission in the open world so the conception of MMORPG C9 suited the players taste – it was oriented to the short sessions in dungeons when the player does tasks within limited zone and he is able to leave the game without risk of losing leveling or something other. And this solution took fans attention at once.

C9 online: the beginning

Well, the future rescuers of the ninth continent have to choose one of four classes for the personage, it’s no need to select a race because everyone is a human in this game, maybe just with extraordinary power skills. It can be the hunter, fighter, witchblade or shaman. First two classes are for male characters, the last two – for female ones. This choice will influence to the hero specialization after the 20th level when the character will be able to develop its own distinctive skills. The game balance is built in such way that neither the class of personage nor the weapon won’t affect to the success of the playing further. Everything depends on the gamer skills: it’s important to remember and use key combinations for the fighting modes as the other C9 game features.

After the creating of character and the short training course the personage appears in a village which will be like a base for our hero. The user will get quests here, exchange items or buy C9 gold, learn something new about skills. A pretty useful place in short. Of course, the users would face with the cash shop too but the gamer couldn’t buy in the shop better arms than he would get after quests in the dungeons or as the crafting result. The crafting realized with 5 professions, the user can choose only one, later he can join to one of guilds or create it.

 C9 WEBZEN: the PvP paradise

And why did this product become so special about the PvP issue. The developers really tried hard working on this component, it has few really original features even for such old genre. The map is a quite banal, the gamer can open stages on easy, normal, hard or expert level. The advanced difficulty would bring more traps, quests and mini-bosses but bigger reward in the final. Usually the user can open 4 from 6 chests with prizes and gets experience and some credits that are C9 gold here. Experience can be used for the skill training but the player has to visit special master NPC which differs level by level.

But other features you hardly find in other MMORPG:

  • There is very spectacular MMORPG C9 combat system. It’s possible to kick the enemy to air and don’t let him to fall down with the series of blows;
  • Reaching the 10th level the personages can come into the Fury Formation mode which allows to use most strong and effective kicks for this playing class;
  • The different kinds of PvP arenas are available from the 20th level including ones where the gamers can fight against each other. It’s a most exciting event because not many things depend on your level or weapon here, even not so experiences user can win if he uses the combat system possibilities better. So the pianist are welcomed;
  • The player can allow to other players to join his dungeon as additional enemies. Then the victory would be more valuable but the loss can be catastrophic too. If invited users win the set they would take whole rewards. This trait opens from the 25th level.

Those facts of course became a door to the cyber sport, the C9 team is one of part there as the C9 official site informs. Let’s add the good graphic optimization that is result of good developers work and own in-game engine possibilities so we got a very worthy high quality product that will keep its audience long time owing to cool hardcore PvP innovations.

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