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Follow the Famous Barbarian with the Age of Conan MMO

The Age of Conan online is popular MMORPG by the works of Robert Ervin Howard. Even if the critics were quite stern about the game reviews, the product found own audience and have lived a life full of content since the game mode was set as free to play and the project became available for all ones who wishes. There is one serious claim marked out for the AOC game, the client part was extremely heavy for this time period. Otherwise how to settle this staggering graphic set to the user computer?

The Road to the Freedom

The customization in the game is pretty good, there are a lot of details which gamer can choose for his personage. The heroes have courageous and brave look, the atmosphere is in keeping to the main storyline. The creating of character finished, let’s enter our personage name and the chronicle is beginning. The short video informs that the boat with slaves crashed in the sea and our hero was thrown out at the shore and receives its first task from NPC who probably just were walking over there. What can Conan do? Sure, it’s all-embracing battle and the combat system is worked out here in details. The game engine was created especially for the Conan MMO so the fight fans can enjoy the dozens way of battle for every kind of weapon and fighting visual effects which are unique for every arm too. These action elements are still keeping honorable name of most brutal ones within genre borders.

The playing world divided into not big locations. It was done because of graphic realization to support the worth visual representation and animation for every stage. The personage way starts from the solo missions that would make the foundation for the future leveling and allow earning some Age of Conan gold that would be useful further too. Then the time of team cooperation will come. The gamers can organize guilds, build cities and capture towers – everyone would find a proper deal. Sure, the trading would play not last role there and the personage must visit the AOC store regularly. It’s not just because of purchasing issue for the additional stuff, the crafting is sometimes impossible without goods from the AOC shop. Also the personage can use the mounts which are represented here by horses, rhinoceroses and even mammoths. The mounts take part in the battles as well.

The Stable Project from the European Developer

The Conan game is an interesting representative of the battle games. First of all because of realistic graphic effects and other possibilities of the engine inside. Sometimes the show is too realistic so it’s worthy to be careful about the children access to a monitor during your battles on the Age of Conan servers. In general it’s a good product from the famous and experienced developer with good supporting service and, as we see from the project name, well-known setting inside. The game firmly fitted own decent niche at the market and not so many MMORPG can boast such a numerous army of fans. 

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