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ArcheAge Online: The World of Discoveries Sandbox

The prehistory of the game can compete with the Big Encyclopedia as MMORPG ArcheAge is based on the books of famous Korean writer that is why even a small detail in the game world has its own history and meaning. It also was not a great surprise when on the release day the servers of ArcheAge were overworked by the gamers who wanted to join the iconic project which is so popular on the Korean market, as they could not make it earlier because of difficulties with the language.

After a few days the problem with overwork was solved and nowadays everyone can join ArcheAge for free and earn his own gold in ArcheAge. In the game there are enough places for players and there is no queue for entrance in the gaming world. It is time to try what is so attractive...

The game world includes two continents, several seas and islands. All of them are completely functioning areas for all MMORPG opportunities. Creation of the character is an extensional and long process because of huge number of opportunities, details and options that is why the new comer can spend most of his time in the games of such type. So, the player chooses the race of the character and one of four pumping methods, which he will develop during the whole gaming process. All the races in ArchAge have their own history, location and special skills, and ArchAge Gold is the main currency of the game. In fact there are no strict frameworks in the game when it comes to the skills development and weapon selection.

Each race and each class can try and use everything. The main aim is to increase the level of power. Gold ArcheAge is the perfect assistant for this matter. And you need to start your adventure from purchasing ArcheAge Gold, which offers almost all opportunities for the player. Training locations are perhaps too simple. But training gives basic knowledge about the game world and brings the player the first ArcheAge gold. Now the highest level which the player can achieve is level 50, but experiences players say that the most interesting things in the game start to appear from level 20.

Players are divided into two fractions which are at war with each other. On the basis of it there are several limitations for groups and guilds creation. For instance, the players can no enter the group of another fraction. Players who often break the rules can be brought to justice or be expelled in separate locations of pirates. The game world, for the most of it, is a free area for PvP.

Players should be especially careful in the sea and on the islands which are full of bosses. The game has a familiar to everyone target system of fight and players can use it on a huge variety of PvP areas: battleground, sea battles, sieges and of course a usual robbery on the roads. A huge number of peaceful professions which can be combined with PVE result the trade. And it is not just about ArcheAge Gold.

Some products can be produced only in certain parts of the game world. After that they should be transported to other regions…traffic infrastructure is also perfectly developed. There are also teleports in the game, but they, in most cases, are meant for characters movement. In the game you can also find a lot of transportation devices- both land and air transport, sea transport and a huge number of mounts. The game also has an interesting feature. The majority of vehicles have the same speed except teleports.

Nobody argues that the financial issue of buying Gold ArcheAge is very important for life in the game. Luckily, you can visit PowerLevel shop and buy gold using real money. The player also gets rewards for carrying out the quests and battles. But the most lasting way to earn gold in ArcheAge is crafting and trading. But first of all you need to take care of maintenance. It is a cruel PvP and anyone can be robbed any moment. Of course, if you are in early stages of the game, it is easier to buy Gold ArcheAge in order to dive into the game world faster.

Buy Gold ArcheAge Online with fast delivery to account

On our resource you can buy Gold ArcheAgewith fast delivery. Choose one of offered professions and join the auctions as it is the best way to earn as much gold in ArcheAge as possible. Perhaps, the only reason to buy additional Gold is a desire to buy a house in ArcheAge. Yes, the characters live in houses and it is a very essential thing for the gameplay. It will give points for your level of strength in the game. The fast power leveling in ArcheAge is possible only due to hard work. Note: job is not the only thing which can bring profit as you can also buy Gold and purchase outfits and treasure, for instance. So there are a lot of opportunities…just use them.

Eventually every gamer faces the question whether it is worthy to buy premium (PatronStatus) in ArcheAge Online. This status opens up a number of buffs for the player and fast revival of points. If user occupies any job in the game, he knows how important the quick rival of points is and how much time it takes in a free mode. So it is a great advantage of such purchase. All gamers who are registered on ArcheAge website have an equal right of entering the latest updates. Other projects can divide gamers into free mode users and premium. In such a case the player gets an additional reason for purchase in order to get innovations as fast as possible. In ArcheAge the free mode just slows the pace of play.

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