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Game Cabal 2

The Korean Fantasy in the Cabal 2 Online

Let’s welcome the successor of the old and popular game Cabal – Cabal II, now in an action MMORPG style version. The product realized on the CryEngine 3, so the users who wish to try the game seriously have to check their hardware, the requests to the graphic board would be pretty high. The western consumers can play at the USA Cabal servers or join to the open-beta phase Cabal 2 EU. The project presented as the free-to-play with the possibility to buy additional stuffs or premium status in the inside game shop. At least it’s a standard position of the MMO publishers and the Cabal MMORPG is not an exception, for more exactly information let’s wait for the Cabal 2 Europe release date. So be ready to spend some Cabala cash…

Time to Become a Hero.

The Cabal game offers 6 classic MMO classes for the hero. The class isn’t connected to the sex of the personage now and it’s very good because previous version had such restrictions. Then the player can give vent to his imagination with the huge opportunities of the personage appearance options. From the first steps after starting play Cabal the hero can try its forces in the cruel grind. It seems the developers wanted to show the might of the possible skills of the personage for not losing the player after some time J It’s worthy to say few words about one good feature in the character settings – the Auto Distribute options. It’s really useful thing for an amateur player. The scores, that the user gets after reaching the next level, have to be distributed among hero’s skills for the right personage developing, and it’s a bit difficult to do without practice. Feel free to use it and it would save you from a headache.

The Gameplay Peculiarities

The interface of the basic screen in the playing zone is extremely minimal. So nothing disturbs from the game picture but… when you push the access button to enter main menu a great number of various settings would be opened. Hmmm, it looks like a separate game really, so many options and windows. Many gamers complain to this  overload feature. Especially the bag interface displeases. But what is better? To enjoy the game with screen that is empty from the settings buttons or to have blind zones on the monitor during the playing process? Every man has his own taste, folks.

Another way for the improving skills is buying the special books from the vendor (you can meet such people everywhere over the playing area), sure, the personage has to have some Cabal 2 alz then. And how we can earn cheap Cabal alz? True, by the quests or tasks execution because if you prefer to buy Cabal alz from the foreign sources it wouldn’t be so cheap for sure. So talk to all NPC on the personage way and get the new raw at the quest panel. By the way it’s well-done thing there. It’s realized not only as the to-do-list, clicking on the item the user can see place on the map where he has to go to complete the task. The maps are good organized too. The personage can move over the Cabal 2 MMO world by the walking, using teleport system or by the mount. The last ones are bloody comic and to own them the player has to purchase Cabal gold again.

Let’s say a bit more about this MMORPG. It’s exactly an old-school product and it can seem too basic for the spoilt users. The publisher of the Cabal 2 Asiasoft company doesn’t make an effort for the cardinal changing of the product in the Cabal 2 Europe localization. There is one more disappointing option – it’s a low graphic optimization of the game. In the players reviews many people tried to change the FPS option by the changing of the graphic settings but it’s was useless. Maybe the developers counted on other advantages of the project but a freezing effect, which happens time to time, during the dungeons spoils the impression from the game. However if the user is looking for the MMO with the old traditions he could start the heroic journey at the Cabal 2 official site even if it’s not a masterpiece but the product has stable and deserved position among the action games line definitely.

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