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Game Albion Online

The One World, the One Server

The Albion producers stakes on the cross-platform game conception based on the Albion PC game. So as one of the Albion MMO slogan says – play everywhere: at the home and in the way. And it’s great idea for the MMORPG fans, just let’s wait how it will be realized because Albion online release date by the last news is 1 of August 2016. Nowadays the beta-version is available but we can just guess about real functional that would be presented soon.

The conception implies also that whole playing world and all players would be placed at the only Albion online server physically. It’s hardly imagined for now how will be, for example, the Albion shop, but let’s wait, it left just few weeks.

The Features Of the Albion Online

It’s interesting moment because all the features of the game divided into two parts. The first one is the features that we can see in the beta-version of the Albion online MMORPG, the second – options that we will see in the release after the official start of the project.

  • The paying world divided into the zones, every zone can be captured by the clans;
  • The player can build the own settlement;
  • The player can give the settlement to the rent;
  • Be supposed no the personage classes or races in the Albion game, everything will depend on the character’s clothing and weapon;

There are many questions now at the specialized forums about is it worthy to but not so many answers because many users took a break waiting the official release. It will be clear same time on the option. It’s informed that the game would be available by the free-to-play mode. But the real situation will be told only with official start of the project.

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