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The Lineage 2 servers: Official or Private

The popularity of the Lineage II editions caused to a great number of the server installations. The subscription fee was a serious enough for many gamers so the Internet blew out with the alternative offers of playing favorite MMORPG on other servers, later those servers got name “private”. The propositions contained the access offer for the L2 EU area access but is it same game for the joined users? As you could understand the fans, who entered to new servers, faced with a plenty of differences, someone found it bad and preferred to come back into paid Lineage2 official zone, someone was pleased with the new possibilities that alternative release edition had and didn’t care about the updating in the time. But the official game area gives the irrefutable advantages, let’s talk about it.

The L2 Europe Off Area

The shortening “off” in the headline means official. This add-on proudly appears with the Lineage 2 NSoft that is the publisher and the rightholder of the MMORPG and its partners’ servers. The whole list is available at the Lineage website, time to time it’s changing because of server confluences or the new installations. More over there is a test server for the developers’ trials before NSoft carried out the open and close testing as every game producer, now the product checking process goes within company borders.

Russia and CIS countries in the Lineage 2 Euro playing area are represented by the L2 Innova organization. The firm implements the product for the Russian speaking audience and takes part in the project developing same time. For example, the company brought even old versions of the cult Lineage 2 editions to own formal servers because the gamers were voided of the playing previous releases Russian language. Just in spite of the common Lineage 2 free to play model this addition action was spread by the pay-to-pay option. Besides official publisher there are a lot of services for the gamers’ convenience. The good instance is the Lineage 2 4game service that allows doing everything accompanying to the game process in the private cabinet. Few years ago Innova widened the sphere of own influence on Europe too.

Enjoy Whole Game Possibilities

So if you join to the official server you did a right choice definitely. To the gamer will be opened whole skills, the maps will be available in full too. Moreover if the user would find any bug the official support would accept the claim and maybe even an excusable present is possible if the mistake was serious enough. It’s clear that last updating is implemented for sure and the gamer has access to whole actual functional. Also the personage wouldn’t drop behind the background, it’s a guaranty from the publisher.

Sure, there are some unpleased moments can happen too. First of all the official release is a bit stricter about rules and the earning of the Lineage 2 adena is more difficult with every updating. Well, it’s not a topic just about the L2 gold but the Lineage 2 power leveling goes not so fast as the gamers wish because of the general publisher politic. Other peculiarities of the off-zone playing are not so important as compared with the stable playing issue. At least to buy adena at the foreign resources is not too difficult thing.  It’s possible to find merited variants of the cheap Lineage 2 adena propositions from the official dealers too. However you can prefer any way but the guaranteed quality is waiting for you at the official servers. Truly Free now.

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