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Game ELSword

The Comics World with the Grinding Issue

Here is one more product for those players who are in love with the anime. Sometimes the Korean developers decorate their products for the non-Asian users with west-style graphic and technique. But it’s  not all about the Elsword game definitely! Just pure 2D mangsa-anime and true hardcore grinding! The player has to be shocked from the bright colors, hurricane battles and the loud martial calls. The game process saved all the attributes and the look of the video game and it’s very stylish solution! So unusual as compared with other habitual 3D online projects but anyway the product has plenty of fans all over the world. There are a few Elsword servers in the Asia, the Elsword NA works, the Elsword EU sector is presented by servers located in Germany, France, and Great Britain.

The Adventure is Starting

The game’s name came from the Elsword class - the one from the accessible Elsword characters classes from the project. It’s a warrior, the master of the sword, which is very good in the close-in slugfest. Other classes are the wizard one – Alisha, and the archer – Rena. Not so many as usual we get used to see in the Asian games but enough for the absorbing playing. But the customizing abilities are very wide. Here we have the clothing, equipment and the accessories which fits with every taste. It’s worthy to choose from the beginning because after you create the character the changing of your outfit would cost rather much Elsword gold.

The user can start his adventure from the Elsword website, there is not only a simple entering into the anime fighting world but also the accompanying information, for example, the fan’s zones and forums. So the gamer can set off as solo, as inviting a friend. But this mode will be activated a bit later when the personage will get some experience by its own.

No Money - No Development

One of the main problems, that the player will face during the game, would be the Elsword ED farming. The playing world has 5 currency’s types and the Elsword ED is the basic one. You will need it to update in the Elsword shop or to buy things there, crafting and so on. The forum users offer a plenty of ways to earn the Elsword fast ED within the game rules. First of all the dungeons are stable and trustable way of the earning here. The player can take part in them within his level area. Which quest or dungeon would bring better income you can learn from the kind users there. Anyway just be careful the method is approved by the Elsword official conditions… don’t risk with the account block probability. There is one more important detail about the Elsword shop and the general finance deals there – there are a limits of the operations as for the storage as for the trade. The limit depends on the gamer’s level. And, sure, it’s an effective defence for restricting the gold seller’s activity. It seems it’s all about the Elsword money issue. Good luck in the game!

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