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The Lord of the Rings Video Games Universe

It wasn’t a surprise when the J. R. R. Tolkien’s cult saga novel about the hobbit adventures became a basis for the MMORPG project, and not bad one if say frankly. The Lord of the Rings online bore a range of the editions and can be said it’s a product proved by the time and the users already. It is the interesting and colorful scheme. The videos from the original movie are using as the captions that brings an relevant atmosphere to the players. However it wasn’t indispensable to think out about key personages or the legend there – everything was ready from the Tolkien story. But the developers didn’t leave the project just with the book popularity, the appeared addons completed the LOTR games set and the work is in progress still. The separate extension, like the Lord of the Rings online Helm's Deep, can compete as a self-reliant product already.

The game business mode was transformed to the free-to-pay not long time ago according to the persistent users’ requests.  But, like the playing experts say, it’s very difficult to cope without VIP account possibilities after the 25-30 level, the premium status costs approximately same money as the subscription fee or the LOTRO game card were so the publishers don’t losing much. The maximum level in the LOTRO is 105 now but it can change with next update.

First Steps With the Samwise Gamgee Start Pack

The project successful combines the classic general MMORPG features and the new playing methods. The character can be chosen from the four races, every race divides into the classes then professions… etc. The created personage doesn’t concern the Tolkien’s production by the way. The users will meet the beloved book characters later during the playing process. The novice can start the adventures with the basic free equipment, of course, but with the paid start packs which are on the sell in the Lord of the Rings store his advancement through the epic tale universe events would be faster and more efficient.

The user has to explorer the huge game world, take part in the fights against the monsters and do tasks earning the LOTRO turbine points that are playing a role of the Lord of the Rings online gold. The gameplay economic order differs from others with such things as the festivals. The publishers organize them time to time and it’s a guaranteed chance to become an owner of some funny or even useful objects as a gift. The product was thought out as a team process so the solo leveling is quite good just till 30th level. After you will feel yourself like a very lonely ranger and unlucky one in the point, so it’s better to join the company till this moment.

The game world is worked out as the PvE zone mostly, the PvP fans must go special locations where duels or other PvP modes are available. Another sign of the well-done project here is a crafting that not only an option but very useful thing, especially at the first levels. The personage can craft the objects and use them or sell. The crafted items are good enough for competing with ones from the Lord of the Ring shop and can support your hero a lot.

The Quality Adventures Which Proved By Years

The product isn’t so exacting about the hardware but same time runs the worked out good graphic and huge playing world with many cool details from the movie saga. Of course, the part of this magic is explained by the big value of the Lord of the Rings PC client but it’s worthy of those gigabytes. If you passed the whole trials once it’s not a reason to leave the playing. You can choose the opposite side and pass the way with the monster character now. Sure, those subject line isn’t so strong in details as a classic heroic one but it has own specific charms and would be interesting for true connoisseur. So don’t think too much before the Lord of the Rings online buy issue. From the first edition right up to last editions the LOTRO Riders of Rohan and Helms Deep the developers kept the MMORPG standards on same high level, let’s hope the project won’t lose those deserved rating positions with the time.

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