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And a Good Game Could Be Free Too

The magic world with the dragons... What can be better? Only the Dragons Prophet MMO for sure. The highly colored playing area won’t leave anyone indifferent. The project is free of charge in general, it earns from the micropayments. So from the both hands it’s the very attractive user-friendly online game. The project can be reached from the few servers separated by the area indication, one of the most popular one is the Dragon Prophet EU server.

The playing content keeps more than 300 kinds of the dragons. And not only the dragons, a great number other interesting creations settle in here, some of them could be even useful during the playing process. The game sticks to the non-target principle so the payer needs whole his speed and tactic qualities for to be successful warrior here.

Become the Dragon’s Prophet

Let’s look to the playing process a little bit carefully. The novices are welcomed in the training zone where the gamer can try the playing process of the Dragon Prophet online with the characters of the non-starting level immediately. The 4 races are available for the character that can be customized outwardly additionally. Every race has objects in the game most suitable just for it. It can be the weapon, dragon class or other creature. The true combination would give the personage maximum power in the different situations. The development of the mount is foreseen as well. It’s very important for the battles because they are so often come to the heroes. By the way one player can own few dragons.

Additional to the classic PvP and the missions according to the story line the gamer can take part in the guild wars for the flying islands. The aim of this process is taking the island under the guild control. The war has 2 stages, the first one consists in the special crystal extermination. If it’s done the second phase would start the next day. The teams would have battles, collect the resources, take part in the special quests and so on. Every action brings the points to the guild, the team who reached first the needed score (a number depends on the island size) is a winner.  Then the members of the lucky group can restore all things that were damaged during fights, start to build defence structures and put the taxes that would bring the DP gold to the players who are in the guild. And it would be so… until the next war. The Frontier System (it’s a name of this PvP feature) is available only for the high-leveled gamers.

Ensure the Unforgettable Impressions.

Even from the short review is clear why the game is so beloved from the many users side. It’s nice, breathtaking and well done world that invites us to the fascinating adventures and gives us the dragons. Sometimes it seems it’s too good to be true and free of charge same time. So be hurry until the owners haven’t changed a business politic and the payment method. The project is worthy of your time undoubtedly. The Dragon Prophet Europe server is strongly recommended.

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