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The Colorful Shooter with the MMO Ideology… Partially

If you ever dreamed to save our Earth you still have a chance. Join the Destiny MMO online and set down the alien aggressors. The game has a topic inside though it’s wrong, it’s not a topic, it’s a legend that gave a life to a wonderful world of the Destiny PC project. First gamers who were so lucky to come in the playing, of course, they were consoles owners. Those PlayStation-have buddies are bloody lucky always. After the first success whole game sector started to wait the Destiny release date for the MMO because such type of playing gives considerably more possibilities about the battles with other players. In the fact it’s not a pure MMO, it doesn’t contain some features of the genre at all. The Destiny is a shooter with PvP elements that took an official name Action RPG… Shoot or die.

Introducing The Gameplay

There are 8 races in the game, 3 of them are the humans and sympathizers and the rest are humans enemies. Moreover the player can choose one of the 3 available classes for the character. The experienced players tell that this choice bring only aesthetic advantage, no hidden advantages or disadvantages in the races, the character will get own skills during the playing process later. The player can take part in the missions alone or with the group and no clear rules what the player has to do after the mission ends.

It’s mentioned that the solo-playing isn’t so good for the Destiny powerlevel developing that is an aim as in any computer game. So if you are interested in the fast and high power level here you have to choose team-mode. The casual events happen time to time over the playing world too and this process isn’t under control of the players. From another hand such event can bring a lot of good to your piggy bank in the game, don’t miss the chance.

Yeah, it’s not the pure old-school MMO: if you have some spare weapons or other objects you can’t sell it, the Destiny sell option, something like inner market, doesn’t exist at all. The gamer can just disassemble an object and get some glimmer from it. The glimmer is the game currency, it’s something like a crystal cube that plays a role of the game internal currency.  But it’s not a most benefit way of the enrichment, the most glimmer could be taken after the successful mission completion. It’s better if you have a high reputation same time, it gives not only more score but the some glimmer as well. If you join the battle you have to remember that the personages come into the fight with the equal possibilities. The developers believe it will make the fights more honest.

Try to Survive at This Dangerous World

If your preference lies in the shooter’s area it’s worthy to try. “The Destiny buy” request will bring you at the official website where everyone will find needed information. The one important notice: every player would be sent to the playing area according to his leveling, it is automatically feature and you can’t influence to it.

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