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Game Black Desert

Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The MMORPG Black Desert online is the absorbing role game with the huge seamless world, the players would be involved in the hurricane of the adventures exploring the lands populated by the stylish characters. The Black desert release date was the really awaiting event for every country where the project has been started. The last one was realized for the Black Desert Europe zone and started at the March 2016.

The scale of the Black Desert game is amazing. As the developers said the game world here is two times bigger by the area than World of Warcfraft’s one. The special feature of the playing zone is the full-grown daylight-night changing, another interesting option is the realistic dynamic weather situation over the Black desert MMO lands. The last one realized by the cyclones moving over the map. Well, this game came to us from the Korean MMO market so we have not to be surprised about the characters look or the subject line. Many players prefer the Black Desert EU server for play because the localized versions are not so quality ones according to the gamers opinions due to the complexity of the product.

The Preparing  Of the Setting Out

So the publishers offer us two start packs by the pay-to-play conception. Both of them are giving full access to the Black Desert online release. The first is the Traveller’s set, it’s cheaper than second one that so-called the Explorer’s set. If you wish to get to know the playing process before the taking the Black Desert buy decision you have to get the trial ticket to the BDO from another player. It would give the pretender the permission for whole game resources during one week. The start packs contain these invitation items: the cheapest pack – one ticket and the Explorer’s set – two tickets for the friends. There are also other useful bonuses inside the packs as it usually happens with start MMO packs. If it’s too expensive it’s possible to find free-to-play server, just maybe in other language. The full actual information is placed at the Black Desert online official website.

The time to start the game, the next step is the Black Desert character creation. It’s a serious process including not only the personage appearance and clothing but also the furniture, pets and other Black Desert items… it depend on your start pack or donating readiness. Every accessory brings the points to the owner and important for the Black Desert powerlevel. Actually the leveling conception is a bit different that we have met before in other MMOs. The personage developing goes till the 50th level in the usual way then the player starts to collect the skill awakening points which effect to the character’s might. There are a great number of the video tutorials about this topic where the gamers share their experience in the Black Desert farming. Mostly they tell how to collect the maximum coins cost the official currency of the game is the Black Desert silver.

The Development Of the Black Desert

The game world is like a real one so it changes. The developers carry out surveys regular and produce the patches based on the users opinion so the playing area is updating enriching with new features and lands. It’s good it doesn’t affect to the Black Desert price for now. So the players can enjoy of their beloved MMO world without additional payments and wait the next Black Desert online release date without any finance fear.

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