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    • 2400 SWTOR Cartel Coins Key Значение: 1
      Срок доставки: 1 - 24 часов
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      Use to buy items and unlocks at the in-game Cartel Market.[/en]


      Здесь, на PWLVL.COM, вы можете получить свой «Звездные войны: старая республика» - «Ключ к монетам». С помощью этого ключа вы получаете 2400 карт для Star Wars - The Old Republic. Вы можете обменять их прямо в игре на рынке Картеля.
      Картельские монеты - это особая валюта в MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, и они должны покупать пакеты, экипировку, опыт работы с суевериями, ремесленные материалы и многое другое на рынке Cartel.
      С помощью Cartel Coins вы можете купить Cartel Packs, такие как Black Market Cartel Pack или Cartel Pack от Lord of Lord, в которых вы можете найти редкие предметы, подкрепления, спутники, подарки, материалы для рисования и многое другое. Вы также можете получить отдельные предметы, такие как Ivory Mouse Horranth, Carbonite Chamber или Czerka CR-17 Incendia Speeder.
      Расширьте свой мир с помощью разблокировок разделов, лицензий и т. Д. Получите доступ к разрешению в раздел X, откройте доступ к гильдийному банку или получите новое оборудование, такое как бронежилет ситхов, доспехи доспехов джедаев или гаморский топор или получите некоторую помощь с предложенными повышениями, такими как Major Valor Boost или Minor Valor Увеличение.[/ru]

    • SWTOR - Gamecard Prepaid 60 days Значение: 1
      Срок доставки: 1 - 24 часов
      27$ -10%

Star Wars The Old Republic game time card (prepaid gamecard)

Star Wars The Old Republic game is a widely known multiplayer online MMORPG. The game was released on October 21, 2008 by BioWare Austin. According to numerous surveys and estimations, the game has been announced to be the most expensive game ever. Though, it did not stop more than 1 million players to subscribe to it. The SWTOR has a free to play option.

Before Star Wars The Old Republic was released, the game critics gave a positive response about it, that is why we have so many numerous expansion packs and updates. If you want to become a part of this legendary game you need to think about purchase of SWTOR game card. The owners of SWTOR time card get a full access to Stars Wars: The Old Republic, its unique content and mind-blowing features. More than that SWTOR Сartel coins card will give you a chance to purchase any item you want. With Star Wars The Old Republic game time card you can become the witness of events that happened thousand years before Darth Vader, take a part in the war between Galactic Empire and Sith, which has split the Universe for ever.

Each gamer can create his own character by choosing one of classes, which are so familiar to the fans of Star Wars. Choose among Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Knight, Smuggler and other characters with SWTOR game card from Power Level online store. Take decisions which will bring you to the dark or bright side of the Power, make faithful friends, take a part in battles, join the allies, execute dangerous missions and break lots of secrets of multiplayer MMORPG. With SWTOR time card you will make your dream of flying your own vehicle and overpowering the enemies in dynamic shootups and massive outer-space fights. For those who had never had a deal with game cards, we should say that SWOTR time card is a special voucher with a unique code, which you have to enter in your account to get the time for game play.

On Power Level you can find time cards for subscription for 60 and more days. The more playing time you purchase the more discounts you get. After you paid for subscription you can keep pumping your characters and having fun in the world of Star Wars The Old Republic. Taking into account that valid time cards should not be older than one year since their release. On Power Level you can be sure of getting valid SWOTR game cards for the most competitive price.

SWTOR Cartel coins card at PowerLevel service

The gamers can find Cartel Coins Cards on the market. Like the time card, SWTOR Cartel coins card charges Cartel Coins on the gamer’s account. These coins you can spend on getting a range of unique items, like designed armor and different buffs, which will significantly improve the features of your character. It is time to evaluate the enormous MMO with SWOTR game cards from Power Level. Only here you can get the fast delivery, low prices and friendly customer support. Go back to the times when the Galaxy was divided by two Empires and become the hero of the SWOTR world.

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