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16th of August, 2016 will be given start to OBT of MOBA Paragon. At last you will get access to:

  • Be a part of battle for the amazing, colorful world of Agora and estimate Unreal Engine 4;
  • To feel yourself as part of this world using third person view;
  • Play as one of exclusive hero, fight against dangerous enemies etc.

Of course, Epic Games team prepared a lot of surprises for you! Do not miss start of OBT at 15 a.m. (GMT+1). There will be a stream with developers, on which they will give answers to questions from special topic on Reddit.

“Paragon – it’s a project, which will bring you as part of fierce battle, with much of strategic chooses. Mastery – is all, everything depend on where are you aiming, when do you attack, how are you moving etc. Number of Paragon heroes is always growing up, and each one has his own special skills.”

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