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Power Level - gamecards

Chief of command shooter Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan decided to tell a bit about 2nd season of competitive mode. There are several changes, which Jeff was talking about:

  • Skill rating will be measured from 1 to 5000;
  • There will be 7 shooting ranges instead of ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond etc.;
  • You can get lower than achieved range during season, excepting Master and Grand-Master ranges;
  • Competitive points reward will depend on achieved range at the end of the season;
  • Amount of competitive points will be 10 times bigger, but Gold weapons will cost 10 times more, aswell. The number of points that you have at the moment will be increased in 10 times, so no worries about that.
  • There is no more coin throwing and last fight mechanics;
  • On maps with “reach the point” mode will be time balance system. After 2nd and next times of reaching “A” point they will got 30 seconds time more. Minimum time at start of the round now is not 2, but 1 minute. Bonus time will be added to both teams;
  • In case of the draw, both team will get competitive points;
  • To play in 1 lobby rank difference should be not higher than 500 points;
  • If you reached Grand Master, Master of Diamond range, and stop playing after it, every 7 days your account will lose 50 rating point, but you won’t get lower than Diamond range;
  • To achieve possibility to get to the 500 best players list you will need to play at least 50 matches.

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