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New update "A Crack in The Ice" is now instaled in MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Now available new part of world. Added new legendary shield - Shooshadoo. Level-chosing interface making action-camera off (while it's opened).

New better hitbox for fire tornado in Molten Furnance boss room. It's easier now to dodge from them. Added Infinite Mist Omnipotion potion, which can be crafted using Infinite Mist Offensive, Defensive and Mobility Potions in Mystic Forge by Gifts of Ascension.

In settings tab "Competitive" you can choose simplified name labels for WvW. Plush Griffon Tonics are now unavailable on WvW, Sentries and Shrines giving 2 war points for capture.

Chests in the end of awards chains are now stuckable (PvP). Added new daily achievement for 3d level fractal. Reaching this achievement you will get Fractal Expert’s Research chest and can get from that chest: Pristine Fractal Relic, 2 +1 Agony Infusions, 2 Resonating Slivers, 3 Fractal Encryptions and Fractal Research Page.

Players skills cooldowns will be reset if team dies on Fractals. Added new fractal - Nightmare.

Full changelog of "A Crack in The Ice" you can find on official site.


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