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Power Level - gamecards

Invite can be sent by both Alpha and Omega clones, your friend, who was invited to New Edem, now getting reward to. For successful invite you will get 30 days gaming time or 1 PLEX. Your friend will get 250 000 skill points aswell.

Just send your recruting link to your friends, it's easy.
- Every account created by following your referal link will get 250 000 SP which can be added to pilot on pilot selection screen.
- When invited guy will update his clone status to "Omega" you will be awarded:
  a) if you sent invite from Alpha-clone, you will get 30 days "Omega" status.
  b) if you sent invite from Omega-clone, you will be able to choose 30 days "Omega" status or 1 PLEX.
Recruting are profitable for both now! Developers recommend for new guys to join to corporations friendly to newguys, like EVE University.

Try yourself in EVE Online right now! Good luck!

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