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Next content update number 2.6.0 for Path of Exile is ready to launch for all servers on March 3d. Just before install Grinding Gear published the patch notes for incomming update which include notes about Self-Found Mode​, Legacy Challenge League, and much more new features and changes that will come with the biggest update of this year.

Solo Self-Found Mode

Solo Self-Found (SSF) is common self-enforced playstyle where trading and partying are not allowed. This means that your character's progress is entirely based on your own efforts and cannot be influenced by other players.

In Content Update 2.6.0, there are SSF versions of the existing leagues, where you can create characters by ticking a checkbox on the character creation screen.
This mode is available once you have rescued the Scion on your account (which can be done in a previous league, so almost all existing players will already have fulfilled this).

While playing an SSF character, you can't trade or party up with other players.

You're able to convert your SSF characters into regular characters, moving them back to the equivalent non-SSF league. This is a one-way process and can be done by clicking the buttons to the left of the character on the character selection screen. One button moves just a single character, and the other one moves all your SSF characters in that league including your stashes, hideout, masters and Atlas progress.

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