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General rules for game trading

Below you will find rules for all supplier – shop – customer relations. You can use this rules in your trading, when buying, refer to them when have any disputes, when making any deals in gaming sphere. Rules are updating all the time and relevant only rules on that page.

That rules are not a legal information, and can’t be used to manipulate with legal system etc, and it refers only to suppliers, shops and customers relations. This rules are the required minimum to work in e-commerce that can be compliment (but not excluded) on other sites (e.g. shops).

Agreement about handmade (without using third-party programs) power leveling. Farming items, achievements, exp, pvp etc.

The Payer – person, who are paid for power leveling service (power leveling – sharing account to other person to get any items, levels or other game goods) on customers e-wallets.

Customer – person, which is obligated to perform paid services to the payer.

Performer - which performs power leveling services in the online game.

Rights of the parties:


-          Payer can order any services that are offered by shop;

-          Payer can log-in to his account any time while power leveling is in process if it was agreed before;

-          Payer can control power leveling process but abuse this opportunity;

-          Ask for bonuses if power leveling wasn’t done at time that was specified;


-          Can refuse a payer without cause (to hard order, no available performers etc.);

-          Customer got 100% prepayment;

-          Appoint a reward for performer;

-          Make a reward lower or refuse in reward in case of non compliance of performer obligations;


-          Can refuse customer order, before he did accept it.

Duties of the parties:


-          100% prepayment to the customer;

-          Do not log in to account if time wasn’t agreed before;

-          Account should be available to play (paid subscription, NOT banned etc.);

-          Change password after power leveling done;


-          Receive payment from payer;

-          Control performer whole process of power leveling;

-          After power leveling service is done, pay the award to performer.


-          Make screenshot of character and game goods on account \ character;

-          All loot that was picked up in process of power leveling should stay on account;

-          Do not conduct dialogue with other players in process of power leveling;

-          Do not use third-party programs (bots, scripts etc.);

-          Must finish power leveling in agreed time;

-          Make screenshots like in 1sr point after power leveling finish;


Agreement about games currency trading

The Payer – person, which paying for game currency (gold, diamonds etc.) on customers e-wallet.

Customer – person, which is obligated to perform paid services to the payer.

Performer – person, which is delivering game currency to payer. In some situations, performer and customer are same subject.

Rights of the parties


-          Can ask any details before make the order and in case of non compliance of them to ask for refund;

-          Can order delivery using any available method (mail, AH, f2f etc.), in case when customer has not specific method;

-          Do not tell any details about himself except necessary.


-          Can refuse a payer without cause (to hard order, no available performers etc.);

-          Customer got 100% prepayment;

-          Appoint a reward for performer;

-          Make a reward lower or refuse in reward in case of noncompliance of performer obligations. If that fact become. If that fact opens after payment to performer, customer can demand a refund. Such cases are: shortcoming of game currency, or recall of game currency using administration.


-          Can refuse customer order, before he did accept it.

-          Can appoint a reward for service;

-          Ask about payment time;

Duties of the parties:


-          100% prepayment to the customer;

-          Provide EXACT information (character name, game server etc.) to deliver game currency;

-          Perform all actions that shop telling, to decrease risk of any sanctions from administration, if that requirements do not conflict with the rights of payer, or shop duties. For example, requirement to not type anything in chat about buying game currency.

-          Do not tell any info about account (login\password), if it not required by game (e.g. LoL). In case of sharing info, payer should change account password.


-          Receive payment from payer;

-          Transfer EXACT info to performer;

-          Pay a reward to performer after delivery of game currency;

-          In case of noncompliance of payer rights make a refund (according to agreed value and extent of noncompliance);


-          DO NOT talk with customer about game currency trading before and after delivery;

-          Deliver value NOT LESS than customer told;

-          Deliver only clear currency. Not clear currency: scammed or duped currency. Currency that got by using bot – is clear.

Make screenshots or video of delivering currency. Without screenshots, in case of any claims, performer have no rights.


For suppliers on games currency and services

Please read this rules to avoid questions about any punishments.


· When you are going to work with any shop for first time ask for details. Someone have pretty long payment time, so if you don’t want to wait, choose other store with faster payments.

· Every time make screenshots of delivery and save them for a while (e.g. 1 month). Screenshot – are your protection from scam-buyers who are like to make refunds etc. All the time make mostly proving screenshots (before you pressed “accept” or “send” button with visible amount of gold, and after gold is send or traded).

· Do not make your prices to high. It can be someone who will make lower price for currency\service. Make price a bit higher on after working hours (early morning, late night), when the most of the other suppliers are sleeping.

· Do not cheat! Every, even the most smart scam will be known, and you will be permanently banned and added to “scammers-list”.

· Be polite. Shops usually don’t like misbehavior and probably will choose other supplier.

· Try to made your chat setting not only for your service, but for derived from it. Shops can make mistakes, when using chat, e.g. not “Kraken” but “Krraken”, and you will not receive chat message. To see all messages about your service\game\server etc, make a variety of your notification settings.

· Make a little bonus for every customer if it is possible. Every customer likes “free product” even if it is a very little, that will make customer happy and he will come back again.

· If you stop farming\boosting etc forever, please leave chat by yourself, we can’t know if you are farming or not.



Trash talks are prohibited. Only WTB\WTS offers and important trading info which applies to all (mass bans, news, important advertisements for suppliers etc.). To off all messages notifications – type “/alertsoff” in chat.


· Use “/alertsoff” command to avoid all chat messages notifications.

· Check all suppliers that you are doubt in on google, blacklists or ask in chat is someone works with him.

· Do not pay before your customer confirm that he got all.

· Ask to make screenshots all the time. Sometimes customers can try to scam.

· Tell moderators is any of supplier broke the rules (misbehavior, customer steeling), to avoid same situations in future. Suppliers who are broke the rules will be banned. Rename all scammers and add them in special list, to do not get caught by him again.

· Do not scam suppliers. In case of scams, shops will be banned and added to scammers list.
· You can buy any service in any game here.

· Do not make long messages. You will move up messages of other buyers\sellers to fast. You will be muted for continuous of long messages.

· Specify your requests. Game, server, region (optional), service that you are looking for, value (of gold etc.). For messages like “looking for suppliers” you will be muted.

General recommendations

  • Skype commands to setting yours notifies
  • General rules of supplier\shop\customer relations are above.
  • Add to your notification setting word “INFO”, to do not miss important info.
  • Invite your suppliers to chat. More suppliers = more interested shops = more suppliers = more profit.
  • Shops have an advantage and paying for service AFTER all is done, note BEFORE.
  • Advertising in chat is prohibited (excepting moderators).
  • Our chat is intermediary between the supplier and the shop and moderators are not responsible for final actions between them. Shops and suppliers which are agreed to deal, are responsible for final result. In case of any scams or disputes, contact with moderators for conflict resolution. Scammer will be blocked from chat permanently and will be added to scammers-list. You can find scammers list below.
  • All chat participants can contact with moderators, so any scam will be opened and every scammer will be banned.


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