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The WildStar: Discovering the Legend

It was a kind of intrigue when the little known developer Carbine Studios announced the WildStar PC game which would be run on the own game engine. So the WildStar release date was awaited like a big occasion in the MMORPG world, in any event the question “where to buy WildStar” be heard long before the official start. The interest stirred up because of many reasons: the sci-fi theme which is so rare subject for such genre games, the progressive finance in-game component, the unique combat system and so on. However when the game started like a pay to pay project, there were a lot of ones who wishes to get the guest WildStar key. This feature allowed a week of full access to the server but one year later the business mode was changed to free to play with subscription opportunity so this need fell off. The WildStar cost issue is actual still because premium account gives more wide possibilities, of course, but it’s possible to play and without purchasing too.

The WildStar EU started at the same time as American version ran, it seems it was deliberate step because the official site says that the gamer is spread through servers automatically according to the place where the WildStar purchase from. So if you prefer to play at the WildStar EU server don’t pay the subscription fee from USA area otherwise you would receive a connection mistake next time.

The Serious Game with the Cartoon Appearance

The scene of MMORPG action is the Nexus – the new discovered planet of the fictional universe. Two fractions are fighting for the Eldan race, which was settled the Nexus before, legacy. The Dominion is the intergalactic empire that wants to control whole space objects in this universe. The Exiles is the assemblage of ex-criminals who long before were driven out by the Dominion and they are looking for new home now. So let’s join to one of those fractions and start to explore the Nexus.

The first impression of the game – you found yourself inside the cartoon suddenly. It’s colorful, bright and positive place, someone can find something from Disney movies maybe. The personages look very kind and cute, the surrounding world is stylish and fantastic which is full of good content. The character can own the house here, and it’s a really new thing in the MMORPG that opens new page in PvE component and makes a contribution to the WildStar leveling. The so awaited combat system is mix non-target one and hover order, totally the gamer got the action oriented instrument that means the user must permanently point to the enemy. The fast panel has only 8 cells for the fast access but it’s enough for such dynamic battle system. Whole events are accompanied by humor comments of NPC or other personages that makes the playing process more pleasant.

The experienced gamers sorted out few disadvantages which couldn’t be noticed by the novices:

  • Colorful design gives too bright picture even with acid colors and it’s annoyed sometimes;
  • The music is very good but surrounding sounds are not so worked out;
  • The interface is not comfortable, especially for the crafting issue, it’s very difficult to find needed option;
  • The graphic optimization could be better, the owners of not overdone hardware do not have the  chance to see the stupendous visual effects;
  • The grinding quests are a bit boring, the task comes with 2-3 text strings without any prehistory that makes you to lose sense what is going on. The balance of quests is not calibrated: some tasks take couple of minutes, some – hours.

But the project is still developing so the problems are solving one by one.

Play Much, Play For Free, Play with Premium Access

The in-game trading is the boast of the developers. Sure, the classic features are realized in full, the MMORPG has the WildStar shop and own currency – the WildStar platinum. The progressive entry consists in possibility to sell the playing paid time inside the current session for the in-game money. So the users, who spend much time playing and not feel to buy WildStar premium pack, transfer some in-game platinum to the colleagues who prefer to purchase the account with the WildStar game card but straightened in the game currency. This trait allows getting WildStar cheap but full access to the product possibilities without the free-to-play mode limits and decreasing the gold sellers’ activity.

What is more about special features… there is an interesting solution for the character’s development. When the user chooses the class of personage the following range of quests would be formed especially for this character class. Sure it influences positively to the hero WildStar fast leveling and makes a strong feeling of the individual program of development.

On the Way to the Nexus

The general impressions after the game – it’s a product deserving of attention, it’s a bright and distinctive. Maybe a bit conservative too because the developer's adhere to classical standards of MMORPG style but the project includes a lot of innovations which would make the playing process fresh and active. The WildStar price now is average one so the game would find own niche audience. To buy WildStar online the user can apply as to official resources as to foreign websites, the popularity of project caused a great number of dealers and experts so it’s easy to find both the WildStar gamecard offers and the WildStar powerlevel guides. The publisher conducts the WildStar sale periodically so the permanent clients can buy WildStar gold, items or subscription by the good prices.

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