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Background of free game Tera Online

Creators of Tera have changed their name several times. And perhaps it is not the last variant of the name of this MMORPG, we can not be sure. More than that, each local version has its own name, which is added after the main part- the name of the world Tera. Business model of the game has already become free to play, but initially when Tera PC has changed it name on Tera Online, the subscription payment was quite common and those who bought CD- Key at that time, had a small financial advantage. For now EU and NA Tera Online servers work on the free basis. So the question about the price of the game key is a little overdue. Nowadays the players can buy only additional items for the character, which will give him some advantage.

It seems like the right holders have found some balance between official sales of cheap Tera Gold and semi-official ones on the specialized websites during the long history of business model modification. By the way, IP blocking of some regions is also cancelled in the game, so now everyone can join European or American game servers with no restrictions. Most likely that such a populist decision was taken in a view of interest of developers concerning the attraction of new players.

Tera Online Gold with the help of PowerLevel service

This topic has been discussed in MMO Tera long time ago, but nothing was improved, so the character is sent to explore the world on his own. His missions and task are not connected with the storyline; the main goal of the game is character pumping, which will give him further advantages in Tera world. Just as in a real life, the player will have to explore the new lands to collect new items, weapon and so on…briefly, to organize his life of a usual Tera citizen.

Performance of daily tasks is a great way to pump your character, increase his skills and earn Tera Gold. If you have suddenly become very poor, you can always buy Tera Gold in the game store that will give your character new items and enhance his reputation. When the reputation exceeds the new level, the gamer will face new opportunities of the game. Usually it is all about the trust between players.

Buy Tera Gold Online cheap and quickly

As we know, Tera Gold is a thing which can be traded even outside the game. It is a really working method for not very patient players to skip some steps of character development. It is enough just to buy Tera Online Gold and exchange it for different items and other privileges inside the game without difficult farming. Sometimes it is even cheaper than to buy an official VIP-status on account.

You can buy Tera Gold on PowerLevel resource. On our resource this option proceeds not just fast, but safely. You can buy Tera Online Gold any time 24/7.

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