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Why the Icarus Online Release Date Is So Awaiting?

Among a great number of the various MMORPG it’s not easy to face with one where the character fights riding an animal. Moreover the ride pet can be Pegasus, so the player can be involved into the aerial battle… So welcome to the Icarus online MMORPG which contains not only wonderful graphic but many other nice things for making the players a life full of sense. Though the release in the Korean language took a great interest of the European users, the Icarus online EU localization was an extremely wanted event. The gamers who tried to win the playing world before craved for apply received experience at the familiar language.

By the way, every next MMORPG open beta phase is keeping strong interest too in spite of sometimes required fee, if be honesty the nominal one, for the access to the test server. Because the test zone gives the access to the new part of the game map usually. The release is announced as the free-to-play project but the testing period shown a kind of slyness of the publishers. Yes, the gamers can play free for sure, just the registration on the official website is needed, but… if the player didn’t buy one of the start packs (for example, the Founder pack) that are offered at the moment, his possibilities will be really weak.

The Icarus Journey Is Starting

Hundreds of years this world was peaceful and great. The odd nationalities formed a mighty state and this land was rich and happy. But times are changing, the demons are attacking the cities, the land is full of blood now. Everyone has to do the best for the defence against the darkness.

The general traits of the product are usual for such class of the games, as we saw above the legend is not so different from the other sagas too. The player can choose one of the 5 classes for his personage. The classes are banal for the MMORPG sort stuff: the Berseker, Guardian, Assassin, Priest and the Wizard. Frankly, the number of accessible classes can differ, it depends on the Icarus server localization. But don’t be bored, when you start to customize your hero you will be surprises with the opportunities of the character editor. There are separate tuning for every even very small detail of the personage’s face, body, clothing and even for the battle make-up. It’s also small feature but the graphic of the game isn’t so similar to the typical anime style this time. Maybe it would attract more western players too. So enjoy the individuality, it’s very important option for the so large-scaled project.

So we have the hero now. Now according to the legend the player get a quest or mission. Some tasks implicate the NPC’s joining so the personage won’t be bored during this mission for sure. Of course, it’s not only a companion for the character, is time to get an friendly animal...

Choose your animal companion

There is a variety of the pets in the Riders of Icarus. Not only the Pegasuses but also the dragons, turtles, lions and many other kinds of animals can become a valuable assistant of the personage. The pets can be hand-reared, the process for the first one goes fast and easy but next ones would need some efforts from the player. The character can own few pets, every animal has own special useful features that can be helpful in this concrete situation: one can flight, one is very strong, another one is running fast, one can swim and dive. But no such pet that could fly, swim and run same time. That’s why is reasonable to organize yourself a little J. Another great feature of the Icarus MMO is that the hero can communicate with the people around without dismounting. It saves a lot of time as you can understand.

What Do We Have Excepting the Flights Here?

The combat system of the Icarus online has the auto capture of the target as the mouse click response. For the western localizations the system was changed from target one to non-target. It’s a very brave step of the developers and the system is still on the testing phase. Its working name is Action Mode. It got many positive responses during the beta-testing so it seems it’s really comfortable and adequate.

At any specialized forums you can find the excited debates about Riders of Icarus gold farming. It’s an important option for every player but no universal advices in this topic because the content of the game can differ from server to server. So if the player wants to learn something new about the future changing for the EU release he has to visit the NA server because its updating goes at the own schedule and the USA version runs with wider possibilities. If the player would be bored there too, there are the Asian servers. It seems it’s all that we can say about this project now. Oh, just one little note: if you find or write the best methods of Icarus gold farming tutorial you would be a real hero for many gamers.

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