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Play Dofus - The Special Game Full of Humor

The Dofus game stands out a range of other MMORPG genre games for many reasons. First of all it’s a 2d graphic flash product and this fact gives both advantages and disadvantages. From one hand, no particular requests to hardware, any computer which supports flash can become the arena for Dofus MMO adventures. From other hand the users have deal with screen-by-screen moving over the locations and some discomfort with display a current place: sometimes the hero and opponent are not seen good but with zoom it’s not possible to see around things. But whole drawbacks retreat against humor which overflows the playing area. It’s everywhere: in the name of personages, their dialogues and item descriptions. Enjoy the Dofus RPG, it gives a lot of good mood! Maybe it works by the step-by-step principle but you would need all your logic and well-considered actions for the victory.

The Cartoon World Doesn’t Mean Simple World

The legend tells us about the universe which is under control of twelve Gods. Every god gives to its people special abilities and skills. So the gamer joins to one of the nation and develops those unique gifts. Last update added two more classes, they are without god’s supporting but anyway mighty enough. The aim of the Dofus MMORPG is collecting Dofuses – the local artifacts that can make the hero just unconquerable warrior. Even if it’s a cute tiny cartoon still.

The adventure starts on the soaring island where funny NPC would train all novices. The graduating student gets the start set with the paper armour and a door to childhood is opened! Then the player is ready to come into his first location in this huge, really huge, game world. Even beginning playing zone is full of interesting and sometimes comic quests. The personage has a great number of profession choices, he can learn three of them so the Dofus gold earning issue here is developed one too. The players visit the Dofus market where the personage can sell crafted items or buy Dofus kamas – the in-game currency. It’s pity no possible to sell Dofus kamas somewhere, it could be a not bad business with such developed crafting system. The PvE fans can find other deals there too: to join fraction and guilds, grow pets and mounts. As no cheap money in real life there is no cheap kamas in the Dofus online. Every income requests the efforts and the time.

The PvP issue realized broadly too how far it’s possible for the stepwise strategy. The fighting goes over the squares, one turn implies one action. With the leveling the personage will be able to do few actions in one turn. So the battle reminds there a chess party. It’s important to count variants, geometry and loss degree. Any player can join to any combat on the map. So this animation world is not as safe as you could think before. Moreover there is dungeon system here too, part of them could be passed only with a team. You can’t avoid the raids even at so sweet place.

It’s Only for Intellectual Warriors

The attendance of the Dofus servers is best proof of its popularity in spite of the 2D graphic and slow fight mode. The developers found the niche fortunately, the intellectual humor game caught many people’s fancy. Just some players say the music accompaniment of the project could be better. But it seems it’s only semi-negative note about the Dofus online game. So feel free to join the adventures, fight the bosses, craft items for cheap Dofus kamas, trade in the Dofus shop, ride a pet, communicate with millions people who preferred this game.

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