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Game Dragon Nest

The MMO Action Cartoon with the Humor Sense

With the Dragon Nest online the gamers would be absorbed in the magic world with the strong story line. It’s rumored the initial idea was in the slash-action product creating but the producers laid emphasis on the online role component during the developing. So as the result the users got a cute cartoon with hardcore fighting mode. The PvP is so good there that in Asia the DN is equated to the cyber sport already. It seems it’s not surprising that the Dragon Nest Europe release got high ratings long before the project has started ever, there were a great number of gamers who prefer playing English version after Korean one.

Actually, the gamers, who played other “made in Korea” MMO action before, would meet many familiar features here. Nobody hides the origin roots and it’s not bed because other details are well-done there. Every NPC has own voice, personality and history here. The range of quests, that the hero has to pass, is logic and goes within story’s borders. Many things will make you smile because the humor situations wait the gamer even in the serious quests and missions.

Let’s give a glance the advantages of the game Dragon Nest:

  • No so high requests for the hardware, the graphic is a quite adequate same time. At least the game looks nice;
  • Non-target combat system, it was one of the first product that used this feature so the system is proved by the time already;
  • The PvP (and very good PvP) is available after the 10 level. It’s fast and various one among other famous MMO;
  • Free-to-play business model. Yes, sometimes the publisher can be sly about “free” items but anyway the user can try the game before donating. It’s true for the  Dragon Nest EU server;
  • The inside game auctions allow to earn DN gold selling the rare objects and not to purchase real money for the additional features.

Rescue the Goddess

So the aim of the DN playing process is to find a medicine for Goddess. The legend tells us how to do it and the hero sets off on the way. First joke of the developers - the class of the character attached to the personage sex. If you prefer to be a wizard, for example, you don’t’ have choice, you personage will be female one. There are no so many opportunities for the customizing. It seems all forces of the developers directed to the game process, so the user can choose just some colors for the personage.

The players spend time in the game zone in the battles. The combat system contains the basic and additional attack types that are attached to the right and left mouse buttons. The kicks are individual for the every character class. There are a lot of short quests and tasks for the Dragon Nest gold earning. Sure the hero can get a reward as an object but it’s not a problem to turn it to the money in the Dragon Nest shop. NPC in the playing world can buy and sell items too, you can even make a friendship with them. No such big deal for the leveling but sometimes you can get valuable advice from the NPC friend. And of course some NPC give the daily quest, it’s good alternative for the stable earning, anyway it’s better than to buy Dragon Nest gold somewhere else. Another nice way is a crafting, it doesn’t take a lot of time but brings a lot of benefit. So don’t ignore the farm or the fishing on the lake, who knows maybe it brings you so much that you would sell Dragon Nest gold as the real Dragon Nest gold seller. The opportunities will be wider with the gamer level growth, more quest will be available so there will be more chances to get some Dragon Nest na gold.

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