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The DarkScape: Kill Your Fears

This game is a striking example of the MMORPG old guard. It was planned as an experiment from the RuneScape with an emergent playing process. After the hardcore PvP features were added that made the DarkScape game more popular among the fight-to-everyone fans. Many gamers find attractive that the game is free of charge as well and we are going along with this opinion for sure. The RuneScape gamers got the access to the DarkScape in full from the project’s starting. The interface and inner graphic are very similar with the prototype‘s one's but the DarkScape has more gloomy and scary atmosphere.

Exploring the Fairy Tale

Like at any sandbox MMO the personage can go anywhere and do it any time he wants. Only rule is the absence of the rules. Your hero can be attacked at the any moment from other players’ side or by the non-player characters. The personage is in a relative safety only inside the cities because they are under “municipal” NPC defence but it’s not a 100% guarantee. So you have to be ready for the battle whole time when you are connected to the game.

The game world divided into three parts according to the risk level: low, medium and high one. The most dangerous districts give to the player the most valuable rewards of course. The prizes include not only the DarkScape gold but other interesting objects that can’t be collected in usual way but can substantially help during the playing session. All the goods can be swapped on the game market so-called the Grand Exchange. It’s possible to conclude really profitable deals there.

To join the DarkScape online was very easy, the gamer just had to open official website and push the button. Why is it written in the past time? Unfortunately the project was closed March 2016 because it didn’t bring desired gains to the right owners. The publishers thanked to the all members for the being with them in the DarkScape and wait the gamers at the RuneScape servers for other playing projects there.

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