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Game Trove

The Square Madness

The Trion Worlds company, that developed and published the Trove game, have found one of the most original way to impress the gamers. Outwardly voxel graphic MMORPG reminds the Lego construction set or something same cute, childish and nice but what a combination with a bloody grind! You would look with another eye upon this representative of the sandbox games. So for the fans of the genre, who doesn’t care that a hero looks like a funny toy, the Trove online is strongly recommended.

The Builder and the Warrior

The gamers can use few character classes, every class has own skills and style of the playing. After registration the user passes the short training course and gets access to the hub with the Adventuring portals which can bring him to the different playing areas. The Trove MMO universe contains an infinite number of automatically generating worlds, every location is full of quests, enemies and treasures.

The landscape can be changed totally but same time every world has logic finish so after mission completing the hero would go to another location and this land will be destroyed. New player will come to the new just-generated land. Though the gamer can decorate a bit the current stage with own creations, even to prepare this creation in off-line mode and transfer it to the playing area later. Such construction would exist few days and make you happy for sure.

The Trove PC has whole attributes of the adult MMORPG: the various items, additional clothing, pets, mounts, boats and wings, loot issue, crafting, elixirs for health improving and so on. Just it looks in a bit comic way. However in spite of funny view this free to play sandbox MMO has strict rules and infrastructure. The portals painted in different colors to help understanding what kind of world it would open and what the player can get there as a reward. There are no habitual quests here, the hero is looking for the adventures by itself but it’s not so difficult deal because no safe playing zone here, the dangerous monsters are everywhere. Winning the personage receive equipment items or piece of clothing. The developers definitely are guys with humor sense because some clothing makes laugh so easily, for example, the Viking  helmet.

Some items can be created by the crafting. This issue requests the flux – the special material which the user can get destroying the equipment, passing the Shadow Tower, picking boxes in the playing area and etc. But more trustable and fast method is a trading so don’t miss the Trove buy flux propositions, it’s really useful thing.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Funny In MMORPG

The players, who were not scared with the ascetic graphic of the product, really loved the Trove. And the developers love them back – the game updating come every Tuesday so the support of the project still keeps high level. The publisher doesn’t forget to organize the Trove sale time to time when in-game shop offers few bundles of tempting items with essential discounts. Isn’t it enough for joining to the square mad universe?

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