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Game Final Fantasy XIV

The World of the Eorzea Can Be Opened Only With the FF XIV Key

The Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn is woven from the small details that only true connoisseur can notice. But the novices would be in the admiration too: the impressive graphic, the interesting combat system and the unique world – everyone will find something interesting here. The fans of the previous PC or even video releases would face with the familiar design in the Final Fantasy MMO. The elements of the old storyline are presented as well as the characters that were beloved from the Final Fantasy 14 PC fans side before. At least the developers of the game are very experienced ones already: the Final Fantasy 14 is a second online release in the series so the players will be pleased with the minimum of the bugs.

The Final Fantasy XIV runs as pay-to-play MMORPG, there we have the general subscription that gives access to create 40 personages within an account and own 2 NPC servants for carrying the things that are not in the using now. The players can pay extra price for the additional servant. For the users who are not ready to take the subscription or who couldn’t find the Reborns for sale cheap there is a choice of the prepaid game cards. It seems every way for getting the Final Fantasy XIV CD key is good for starting the game. But is the Final Fantasy 14 purchase worthy to be paid? Let’s look together.

The Gameplay for the Final Fantasy Online

So our hero story begins in the one of the three big cities of the Eorzea. Moreover the player would be acquainted with the part of the playing world history. Which part will be told depends on the start location. The 5 races are available for the newborn character, all of them are pretty picturesque ones. For example, there is a female race that took anime appearance features, there is a male race of the true warriors. After creating our personage you can get the special FFXIV game card from the guild agent that gives the access to the playing area teleports. Same guild agents give the quests and the tasks to the players, the player can choose the complexity level of the instance, it’s clear that the difficult task will be paid with better reward.

Even if the player prefer the warrior way for the FFXIV power leveling he has to change the fighting occupation to the peaceful labor time to time because the game has the multiclass conception. There is no strong line of the behavior here so our hero has to talk to everyone to understand what to do further. The combat system is a bit specific too. The player or his opponent can’t attack until his endurance scale would be full again. Same specific features are true for the team battles. The best card here means the accurate succession of the actions. And… the player has to learn non-standard game pad here, such type of the control is a just FF feature.

The finance part of the playing world is represented by the FF XIV gil, it’s a game currency that gives all preferences of the FFXIV gold in the Final Fantasy life. You can’t escape of the using the MMORPG shop (it’s the Reborn shop here) so you can’t escape of using the game money too. At least the trading operations would do its investment to the hero’s Final Fantasy 14 power leveling.

The FF XIV Buy or Not Buy

The success of the Final Fantasy project last release urged the developers to continue the line. Particularly the fans can continue adventure with the FF XIV Heavensward addition that offers one more new race for the personages increases the maximum acceptable level of the character until 60 and gives the end of the great war as a main mission of the gameplay. Also the FF XIV collector’s edition is on sell. Anyway a great number of the game offers is presented at the market like the FF XIV gamecard, the Final Fantasy 14 sale propositions of the different items, speaks for itself. As the experts say this MMORPG has only disadvantage: the Final Fantasy 14 cost for the great graphic is a high hardware requests.

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