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Elder Scrolls Online Gold: where to buy or how to earn?

The history of Elder Scrolls game series began in 1992 with a release of “The Elder Scrolls: Arena”, which took several components from the role-playing games, but in fact it was founded on the basis of fighting. It was the game for the DOS system with a slogan “Be the one you want to be, go wherever you want to” became the founder of the principles, which moved to other parts of the series. Saga continued up to 2014, when The Elder Scrolls Online was released. There is a belief that online version of the game is much worse than the previous PC version. But it is not so. ESO Online PC edition is a great MMORPG which is based on Elder Scrolls story. Project did not stop on that point and now the next chapter The Elder Scrolls: Legends is being prepared for the release.

Since PC version of TESO was released publishers changed their business model. Previously it was a standard P2P model, users had to buy a subscription every month (the price was $15 per month), now to get the full access you can simply buy ESO key once and play as much as you want and earn ESO gold. All subscriptions which were bought previously were improved to Tamriel Unlimited at the day of switching to the new model. It means that players who have started to play before gained a certain advantage. In any case ESO Plus premium program is still working and gamers can buy ESO gold and some additional items in ESO Crown Store shop. Game cards Elder Scrolls Online are still on sale and they give the player game currency to hi account, what makes it possible to develop the character by 10% during the paid period.

For instance, Elder Scrolls Online card works during 60 days. So, this is MMORPG. Any newcomer starts from creation the character. Character customization level is quite high here, so that the gamer can bring to life all his desires during creation of the character. In the game there are 3 alliances, 9 races (10 if you have purchased Imperial Edition for Xbox One, you will also have your own horse from the very beginning). Each class of the character can use magic and any type of weapon, and improve everything with the help of Elder Scrolls Online Gold. If you have any problems in understanding the game features and opportunities, here you can find a qualitatively implemented textbook.

The players can use Elder Scrolls Online gold in the game store and if he joins one of guilds, then in the guild bank or areas for auction. In ESO there are no public auctions and only members of guild can get an access to it. That is a smart move aimed at reducing the number of speculations with ESO gold and maintaining the financial balance in the game. Luckily, you can buy ESO Gold or find other sales in Elder Scrolls.

When the character is ready to go, it becomes clear how concise the interface is. It is a great opportunity for the game play as there is nothing odd what could distract. In any case the user can customize everything for his convenience. When we start the game we understand that it will be needed to look for tasks and adventures ourselves. If you remember the main slogan mentioned above “go wherever you want to”, then it is what we consider the strong feature of the game play. Experienced players advice to get a horse as soon as possible. Even if you do not use mounts so often, they still can be quite useful in some situations as the sooner you get a horse the faster you will grow.

Buy ESO Gold on European and American servers

The cost of ESO is a quite relative concept. As it was mentioned earlier, today the game does not require the monthly subscription. To buy Elder Scrolls Online gold you can visit our resource. We deliver it within 24 hours. To buy ESO gold is a sure-fire way to dive into the world of the game with no time wasting.

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