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The Habbo Hotel Doors Are Opened for Everyone

Don’t be shy to feel teenager again, join to the Habbo Hotel game – the cute tiny project where everyone can express himself creating the own hotel space or home, or club, or something else. The main idea of the product is the interactive communication. The personages talk to each other by the pop-up messages. As the Habbo audience is the teenagers mostly, the project supports very strict censorship, especially in the nighttime. So what is so special at this game, why is so popular? It’s not the graphic for sure, the appearance realized in 2D and the player has a total feeling of entering to the old video game. It seems it’s communication issue. Just communication… the lack of it makes the users join to the Habbo hotel server and become the part of the colorful funny little game.

Friendly Space and Nice Neighbors

The game access is free of charge but the player can pay for additional stuffs by the own decision. When the personage creation is completed, the player gets the start pack of the furniture which he can use for own room. For the premises improving the money would be needed, of course. There are two types of currency here. The Habbo hotel coins and the pixels. The coins are the paid game money. There is a plenty of the special services where the user can buy Habbo coins. Another way of the earning is the taking part in the surveys or competitions. The pixels can be earned just within the game borders. The user gets them as the welcome bonus for the entering the game, for the friendliness, for any kind of the achievements. It can be used in the shop as well to buy different items for the personage’s room.

Exploring the Habbo world, the player visits the rooms of the different players. The fantasy of the users is really wide because everyone wants to attract other people to own place. So you will get much aesthetic pleasure and possibility to communicate to the star guests of the Habbo place who are invited by the publisher time to time, isn’t it worthy of your time and some Habbo hotel gold?

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