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Game Blade & Soul

The BnS Game Anime Fighting

The Most Colorful Action MMO

The Blade & Soul online official release was presented at 2012 since that time the Blade and Soul keeps high rating positions in the playing world. From the first sight it’s a just one from the old-time MMORPG-family online variations. But the Korean idea in this field won a really great success at the conservative West. The Blade and Soul servers locate now both at USA and Europe even if it was started from the Blade and Soul NA. Then with the increasing of the player number European accounts were moved to the Blade and Soul Europe servers. There has done a strict IP-politic for not overloading the sessions since Blade and Soul EU release date because of the troubled experience of previous hardware. It’s clear that the good graphics need the good resources therefore the service would be not perfect if a server is overloaded. So the players from the non–proven areas had to think out the unbelievable combinations to get access there.

What is the reason of such popularity? Just open any preview, the gamers get in the wonderful anime world with the beautiful alluring fighters and other not so attractive but wise characters. Add the perfect and interesting background graphic, unusual music and the convincing sound effects. And you can be sure - this exotic world wouldn’t allow you to go for free, no matter you play Blade and Soul EU or Blade and Soul US. 

What is inside the BladeAndSoul?

The game process is a pretty linear one but it’s so non-banal that you would never be bored. Of course it’s mostly a desert of the anime style and the untypical characters. The players take deals with the gods and the demons and the subject line based on the revenge so the participant doesn’t have a lot of directions in the playing world. No other way, just to pass it through step by step. In spite of this as mentioned before non-banal line wouldn’t give any reason for a boring. So let’s glance to the main features of the NCSoft Blade and Soul product:

  • The female fighters. Oh, they are incredible, thanks to the artist of the project;
  • The producers refused from the traditional amours, in place of it the characters use the accessories, adornment and the annals. The clothes don’t have so big value for the skills;
  • The multifaceted personage editor, you can create a very individual and realistic personage. Other graphic effects are high-quality as well;
  • The guilds are not so important here;
  • The gamer can join to the faction only after the reaching of the appointed level;
  • To be successful here the personage has to develop not only own class skills but other race’s ones as well. It’s really very important for the Blade and Soul power leveling process.

Another interesting fact about the game: it was included to the cyber-sport lists because of the Arena. This fighting module gives the breathtaking show and the action so it wasn’t ignored by the public opinion. By the way the Arena battles are extremely useful for the Blade and Soul powerlevel too.

Not Just Fighting But Image Importance

The game gave a birth to the strong parallel movement about the Blade Soul clothing. There are separate websites about this subject that can make a real competition with the Blade and Soul official site.  You can find the thousands of the variants of the character images there and take some inspiration.

Is It The Blade and Soul Free To Play?

Yes, the Blade and Soul f2p conception is true and the player doesn’t need any extra investments, only if he or she desires it by themselves. Anyway you can see same time a lot of the Blade and Soul sell offers, it’s explainable issue because some people don’t have enough patience to develop their personage until wanted level so they request Blade and Soul power leveling service even if it’s not so legal due to the game rules. So it’s normal to find such things are available too. If someone would like to buy Blade and Soul gold it’s provided with a plenty of the internet resources as well.

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