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Game ASTA Online

MMORPG with Some Original Setting.

The Asta online is a quite interesting MMORPG project. The publishers modestly positioned the product as the rival for the WoW. Let’s mention – not a simple clone but the competitor. It seems this declaration attracts attention just of itself. So welcome to the Nirvana (it’s translation of the word “Asta” by the way).

The playing world looks like the something after acid explosion. Few players even wrote in their reviews about some anxiety towards the Asta’s designers, meant “are they ok” and still at this planet? The brave heroes in the game zone are neighbors with the strange and awful monsters. It’s clear that the monsters are a bit strange just for our western ideas about the beauty standards. Those creatures live and attack only in the special locations in the game but the general message is good, they brought some fresh wind in the classic MMO.

Let’s Try To Play

The specific options wait for us even during the choosing of the personage class. Every class is strict connected to the range of the professions. So the player has to make the wise choice from the beginning because, as everywhere in role products, it would affect to the earned Asta online gold amount later. In the open world the hero would face with non-standard quests and with standard ones too, of course, but the developers tried hardly to surprise the gamers. It’s felt. The dungeons are adapting to the number of entered players, it is cool too, but it seems it’s only the specific for this issue here. The combat system built by the “point and click” principle, nothing better than classic, isn’t it?

The Asta is a really mighty player on the MMORPG market, and its strongest feature is uncommon setting. The impression is a bit damaged by the old game engine effects but the project is worthy one and would find its own stable place for sure. Even if it won’t kill the WoW. It’s easy to receive evidence by your own, just visit the website, create account, choose the Asta online server and you are in the Asta-Nirvana already.

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